The Graphic Designer’s Wedding

I am attempting to resume my series of posts on wedding invitations and how they define or relate the wedding style long before the wedding happens. Today, I will write about Lauren and JP’s wedding printing (see previous post for a wedding overview). While Lauren wouldn’t be categorized as strictly a graphic designer, based on her wedding printing, she could be considered as such.

I have a deep admiration/appreciation/love for all things printed and well designed and seeing Lauren’s printing made me smile from ear to ear. To be sure, this is not your traditional wedding printing. This printing is very stylized and completely true to Lauren and JP’s personality as a couple and it definitely related their wedding style to their guests as a preview of what is to come.

This is what I try to get my clients to understand when it comes to their invitations and printing in general. Everything with your wedding starts with the invites. It’s the first thing your guests see. It encompasses your entire event on paper. It dictates the formality of the wedding. It gives the personality of the wedding. And when you consistently carry it through the entire wedding, you have put together a complete package for everyone to enjoy.

So, I will start with their invites. Then, I’ll move on to how they carried their theme through out the entire wedding. Genius photography by Our Labor of Love. And….enjoy!

I think the addition of the paper cranes just made all the other printing come full circle.


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      Isn’t it fun to play with paper? Lauren is a person after my own heart. Willing to be totally unique – on paper. My fave! I need to find out what fonts she used… Thanks for stopping by!


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