Business and the Arts Cocktail Party: A Review

Last week, The Layman Group hosted their Business and the Arts Cocktail Party. I had such a great time with Doc, Kelsey (Community Relations Director), Vicky and all the others that make up The Layman Group. There were various folks from the community business scene in attendance. It was wonderful. Doc, the perfect speaker, inspiration and performer, gave a very heartfelt speech about how the businesses in the community can’t exist in a vacuum. We have to be involved in what is going on around us. As a business owner myself, I was moved. This is why I am involved with The Layman Group to begin with. I love their mission and I see Doc’s passion. It’s wonderful.

Then, We Rhetoric, a spoken word ensemble, gave their first performance. They were absolutely great! Other fabulous points to make: Jimmy’s (a WONDERFUL restaurant in downtown Opelika) provided our appetizers and they were delish. My favorite? The shrimp/pineapple/sausage kabob. Yum!!! Also, Back Forty Beer Company provided beer for the occasion. Lovely. The wine (also available from Jimmy’s) was from a vineyard in Shelby County, Ala. and included a white infused with Chilton County Peaches. If you are from Alabama, you know what Chilton County Peaches are. The best ever (sorry, Georgia). Added just the right local touch along with Back Forty which is also an Alabama brewery. Also, the Mary Slaton Trio added a special touch with their jazz music. Wonderful. In all, we had a lovely time introducing the community to The Layman Group.

So, here are some of the photos from the night. Taken by the very talented Rebecca Croomes. Please visit The Layman Group‘s site and learn more about them. I think you might be intrigued… And, stay tuned for more exciting events with Doc and The Layman Group!!!

Me, Kelsey and Doc giving Jim Sikes at Jimmy’s a good shout out. Thank you, Jim!

Some of those kabobs I was telling you about. Awesome.

Doc and Lisa Beck of The Event Center Downtown in Opelika.

Me and Kelsey Brown, Community Relations Director for The Layman Group. Love this girl!

Tim and Brooke Patton and Kevin Manning of Society South Magazine. Glad to have them!

Doc, in his element, speaking to the audience.

Some of the wonderful art featured that night.

We Rhetoric performing.

There are many more photo that I didn’t get to include in this post, but I will be posting the album on our Facebook page, so please watch for that. Like us! And, like The Layman Group! Keep up with all the fun things going on!

Until next week – XOXO, Julie

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