The Best Dressed Nails Are Nude: Top 4 Nude Nail Colors of 2013

Hey y’all! Introducing a new blogger for you! Enjoy our intern, Caroline, as she scours the best trends and fashion tips for us!

There was a time when every woman had those tacky acrylic nails with the big, white French tips. That time was 2005. It is 2013 and the days of fake French manicures are long behind us. Nude nails are the newest trend in manicures and we can expect to see many brides following this trend into the new year. I’ve complied a list of my top 4 favorite nudes for any occasion, although they would all look absolutely beautiful on any bride on her wedding day.

1) Bubble Bath by OPI

This is my ALL-TIME-FAVORITE nail polish! I have a slight obsession with Food Network and absolutely love to watch Giada de Laurentiis. The camera is constantly zoomed in on her hands and I have always wanted to know what color nail polish she wears. Well, it’s bubble bath! I wouldn’t consider it a “true nude” because it has a lot of soft, pink undertones. This is a nail polish that looks great on any skin tone and can be worn year-round.

2) Abalone Shell by MAC

This polish is a “true nude”.  It is a full coverage polish and is not sheer at all. It really does not have any pink undertones in it. This is not a polish that is going to fool you in any way. It looks like a true tan-ish nude in the bottle, and it looks the exact same way on your nails. Bravo for a polish that doesn’t trick you!

3) Sandy Beach by Essie

I’d say that this color is a sheer nude. It has a tiny bit of pink undertones, but when on the actual nail, it has a little bit of a tan-ish tint. It is not as pink as “Bubble Bath”, but not as brown as “Albalone”. It is perfect for everyday wear as well as those special occasions.

4) Allure by Essie

Here at Invision, we have a Kate Middleton obsession. She is elegant and beautiful and perfect in every way, as far as we are concerned. Of course, we had to choose the nail polish that Kate wore on her wedding day. It is also her favorite nail polish and she wears it regularly. “Allure” looks sort of white-ish in the bottle, but when on the nail, it is sheer and pearlescent. It gives a subtle shine without drawing all of the attention to your nails.

We all know that on your wedding day everyone is going to be asking to see your beautiful new rings. Do you know what would compliment those new rings rather nicely? That would be perfectly polished nude nails. Choose any of our 4 favorites, and you can’t go wrong.

Remember, going “nude” doesn’t mean you have to bare all.


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