Craft time: Heart Elbow Patch Sweater

Back over Christmas while I was spending time with my family in Mobile, my youngest sister, Lisa, and I went shopping. Well, we were online shopping together (don’t ask how that works – it’s pretty nerdy). While we were at one of our favorite online stores, we happened upon a super cute sweater with heart shaped elbow patches. We both had to have it. But, it was out of stock! Ahh! Then, we got to looking at it and figured out that we could recreate it fairly easily. So, an impulsive project was begun.

We decided to take advantage of the great holiday sales that were happening. We marched down to Old Navy and found a suitable sweater candidate. Low and behold, it was only $6.50. Sold!

Then, we walked around the corner to Michael’s and picked up 2 sheets of red felt. $0.99 each. This project was a serious steal of a deal.

So, when we got home (to our parent’s house), we started to size up the actual patch. How big did we want it? What would look the best? Lisa, a graphic designer, drew up a template and we were set. Just for you guys, you can download said template here – sweater-hearts. FYI, this clearly doesn’t showcase the amazing work she can do as a designer. You can check out her real work at

The other advantage that we had is our mother. Seamstress extraordinaire. No lie. She made my wedding dress. Anyways, we asked her to help us out with the project. After we had cut out the hearts, we each put on our sweaters and pinned just one heart on to the spot that we liked best. Then, my mother took over. She took apart just enough of the seam in the sleeve to be able to lay the whole sleeve flat and sew it easily. Then, she matched up the other sleeve for the heart position and did the same on that one. Once that was done, she stitched up the sleeve and Voila! A super cute, uber cheap sweater.

*Note: she did use some interfacing to give the patch more stability. And, we all suggest dry cleaning the sweater as the red in the felt may run in the wash.

I really do get comments on it every time I wear it out. And, Valentine’s Day is coming up. Who wouldn’t want to wear this sweater on Valentine’s Day?

So, enjoy your own craft projects or try out this one for yourself! Until next time… XOXO, Julie

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