Something Blue That Suits You


I’d like to say that I am a pretty “modern” person, in the sense that I am always looking for the newest trends to follow. However, I think that a wedding is an extremely traditional ceremony and that we should follow some of the traditions that have been associated with weddings for years. The “something blue” tradition is one of my absolute favorites. I have seen many brides do all sorts of fun things to incorporate “something blue” into their ceremony. I’ve come up with three of my favorite ways to bring that “something blue” into a wedding.


If you’ve seen Sex and the City: The Movie, you will remember Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic blue Manolo Blahnik satin pumps that Big gave her when he proposed. I adore these shoes. They are classic and beautiful. The sparkle on the toe gives them a little glitz. Wearing gorgeous blue shoes under your wedding dress is one way to get your “something blue” in. Who wouldn’t want to walk down the aisle in those shoes?


The garter: another long-standing tradition in a wedding. People choose all different types and styles of garters to wear under their gown. Some people coordinate colors with their wedding, some wear the colors of the college they went to. I think a simple and elegant way to incorporate “something blue” into your wedding is to have a touch of blue on your garter. It doesn’t have to scream BLUE and look cheesy. This is a perfectly beautiful example of how a little something blue can add to a gorgeous garter. We found these on Etsy.


If you just really aren’t into wearing anything that is blue, a great option is Oscar de la Renta’s “Something Blue” fragrance that he made specifically for the nuptials. The fragrance actually has a removable ring on top that you can wear anytime! How cool is that? Also, the pretty blue top is made of a rare gemstone called Larimar that is only found in the Dominican Republic. Just a little spritz of this perfume and you’ll have your “something blue” and smell irresistible too!

Hope you find your “something blue” that suites you!



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