The Un-themed Wedding

I’m going to go ahead and call it now. This is the year of the “Un-Themed Wedding.” I was having a design meeting with a bride the other day and I was super inspired by her design leaning. I realized that it was what I usually preach in my everyday design. It’s the thought of the un-themed wedding. The idea that we can’t actually define the wedding design. Is that confusing? Well, let me explain.

Don’t be literal.

There is something so refined and sublime in not spelling out things for people. My personal aesthetic is to let the space that you are using speak for itself. There is no need to over design when you have a gorgeous space to begin with. Even when it comes to color, there is no point to hurting people’s eyes by screaming color at them. I know I’ve expressed my love of no color (blacks, greys, silvers, whites, etc.), but there is a way to use color that seems to just flow and not jump out at you. You don’t have to fill a ballroom with tables that have fuchsia linens and fuchsia centerpieces and fuchsia napkins and have bridesmaids wearing fuchsia dresses. Unnecessary.

If any one piece of the wedding jumps out at you, then it doesn’t belong. Everything should just fit. Nothing should outshine any other piece.

So, to illustrate my point, I’ve been on a Pinterest tear (shameless plug to follow us… here) and found some great images of things that just work. There’s no solid theme in any of the images. It’s not “rustic” or “vintage” or “modern” or any other title. It is just beautiful. Period.

Until next time… XOXO, Julie

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