Winter weddings: overlooked beauty

I’m fresh off an amazing trip to one of my favorite places, Winter Park, Co. We were actually taking a ski break, but wouldn’t you know, weddings creep into my thoughts anyway! It’s hard not to be inspired when you are surrounded with that scenery. It also helps the wedding dreaming when you visit a resort that is just MADE for weddings. Seriously. My jaw was just dragging the floor the whole time.

The awesome thing about this area of the country is that it has four distinct seasons and a wedding would be gorgeous here any time of year. The south, as wonderful as it is, has winters that leave a lot to be desired in terms of natural beauty. And, I have a particular love of winter weddings. I had a winter wedding myself, but I got married in Alabama where snow is a rarity. There is something about snow at a wedding setting that just makes things intriguing to me. I think it is the most romantic setting. It’s quiet, serene and peaceful. As a wedding backdrop, I think it’s perfect.

To help you visualize the wonderfulness of this spot, I’m spotlighting a newer resort in the Winter Park/Fraser area, Devil’s Thumb Ranch. It is situated in the Fraser valley and you can see the Winter Park ski area from the ranch. Sitting on 6,000 acres of land, they have activities for anyone. Basically, the ultimate destination wedding area with various wedding venues to make the perfect day possible.

I actually knew nothing about the resort before I visited. I happened to book a spa session at their gorgeous Ranch Creek Spa based on a Google search for spas in the area. It exceeded all my expectations. Just perfect. A wonderful massage after a long day of travel. Then, my husband and I got dinner at one of their restaurants, Heck’s. Also great. It had a very open feel with an enormous stone fireplace that was the central feature of the dining room. With temperatures dipping into the ‘teens at night, the warm and inviting setting just kept getting better. After an impromptu tour of the event spaces at the ranch from the director of food and beverage, Mario, (including a wine cellar that was just unreal) I was more than sold.

So, I did a web search for winter weddings that have happened at Devil’s Thumb Ranch. You can see why I’m gushing a bit. I’m a happy gal right now. I can’t wait to get back and see this scenery again!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you all snuggle up to your special someone. Much love! Until next time… XOXO, Julie


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