Fashion Friday: Bouquet Fashion

Bouquets are the ultimate accessory on your wedding day. It can compliment and complete your entire bridal look. My favorite way to complete it is with a nod to your setting or your personality. Here’s some thoughts on bouquet fashion for the spring season.

Beach Bouquet

When I think of a beach wedding, I think of a soft and calm color palette. White hydrangeas are subtle, but beautiful. The ocean-like details make this bouquet one of a kind and perfect for a beach wedding!

Burlap Bouquet

As a southern girl, I know that burlap is an extremely popular trend in a lot of weddings. Burlap-wrapped bouquets have a vintage and romantic feel to them that fits right in with any southern themed wedding.

Bold and Bright Bouquet

I’m a huge fan of anything bold and bright. I think that a punch of color looks fantastic. This would actually be wonderful for the bridesmaids to carry. Using a bright bouquet as an accent color won’t take the attention away from the bride’s dress.

All-White Bouquet

An all-white bouquet is simple and classy.  It is clean, crisp and beautiful. Also, if your bridesmaids have on colorful dresses, why not keep it simple and have them hold all-white bouquets? Peonies are my personal favorite. However, roses are elegant as well.

Happy Friday! – Caroline

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