Fun with photographers = new head shots

Every once in a while, when we’re not too busy planning, designing and executing weddings, us planner folk get together with some photographer folk for a little fun in front of the camera. This past Saturday, Angie with Angela Blake Photography and I did just that.

Between the intermittent snow flurries, wind, and what seemed to be below freezing temperatures we managed to have a great time and Angie got some super awesome shots. It was her idea to hit up the Morris Avenue section of downtown Birmingham and I love the funky, fresh, urban vibe we were able to capture. We also made a stop at Railroad Park where we got my favorite (and last) shot of the day; complete with sassy, windblown hair!

Having met earlier this year, Angie and I hit it off immediately. She was kind enough to notice me as a “new” member in an online wedding professionals group (yay, Facebook!) and wanted to welcome me to Birmingham. We clicked immediately and it was kind of hard not to. She has a super sweet disposition, an infectious laugh and a beautiful portfolio of work which includes babies, families, couples and of course, weddings.

Thank you again Angela Blake Photography for my amazing head shots and big hugs to Jackie Robinson with Rawwbeauty for making me look like such a supermodel. Seriously y’all, I am like the most un-photogenic person EVER, yet these ladies made me look fabulous. Talented at their craft + super fun to work with = perfection.

Cheers! Courtney

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