Fashion Friday: Bridal Headpieces – the veil alternative

I’m a huge fan of all types of bridal headpieces. Let’s face it. When else in your life will it be socially acceptable to wear a headpiece in public? I guess it’s okay if you live in England. Seeing as most of us do not, why not take advantage of any of these gorgeous options to complete your wedding ensemble?

1. Floral Comb from ReginaBNY Esty Shop. This is a pricier option at $450, but consider it the main piece of your bridal jewelry. 2. Vintage Headpiece from Viktoria Novak. Her work is simply stunning. She specializes in custom made pieces. 3. Crystal Headband from GlamHouse Etsy Shop. This is for the more free-spirited bride. Someone who just wants a sweet look but still wants to keep some formality to the design. I particularly love the ribbon hanging from the back. 4. Vintage Birdcage from AgnesHart Etsy Shop. The styling of this piece with the brighter make up would fit with any serious vintage lover. Looking to rock a 40’s style at your wedding? This is the piece for you!



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    I think these pieces are truly lovely, your website is designed beautifully, I have a small boutique in Sydney Australia and I just wanted to let you know my thoughts as I am trying to put together like minded women in the bridal industry who are not over pricing their products in the bridal industry, which unfortunately quite a few do here, this is the main reason I have opened my boutique and online website for bridal gowns, do you know anyone in your field here in Australia which I could refer my clients to?
    If so I would love to hear from you.

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      Thanks for the sweet comments! I don’t know any planners in Sydney, but I’d love to! :) I will definitely keep your site in mind if I come across anyone who is in that area. Thanks for stopping by!


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