Day-of Wedding Coordinator: Birmingham, Ala.

I am loving being the new gal at Invision Events as the Birmingham wedding director! The vendors in the area have been so kind and are more like a family than an industry. I’m more than excited to bring our most popular package to the brides of Birmingham, Ala.

We have designed our Day-of Wedding Coordination package with specific points in mind. First, we wanted to offer brides a package that oversees the day as a whole. The package really starts a month before the wedding to work through all the final pieces, time out the day, organize the ceremony and work through any issues that a bride might have gotten stuck on. Then, we write timelines for everyone involved as well as oversee and direct the rehearsal, ceremony, and all aspects of your reception. We check details both big (number of place settings, centerpieces) and small (placement of programs, favors and menus) and verify things like lighting design, your first dance song, and cake placement. It’s what we call full service that day.

Second, we wanted to offer a package that was affordable for brides. We believe that every bride deserves a well run wedding day, free from the stress of actually pulling it all off. Our Day-of Wedding Coordination package starts at $1,000. This includes a team to work your wedding day. We know that costs start to add up quickly and we want to offer premium service that will fit in nearly any budget.

Lastly, we wanted to bring this package specifically to the Birmingham area. I joined with Invision Events because I have a special love of directing wedding days and seeing everything flow correctly. I love the brides that we are working with and I could gush all day about the vendors here. If you haven’t yet thought about hiring a day-of wedding planner, I definitely encourage you to give us a call. We’d love to get to know you and be a part of something special.

Check the package listing on our website here. You can contact us via the website here or email us at info {at} invevents {dot} com.

Cheers! Courtney

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