Fashion Friday: Bridesmaid’s Gifts and Goodies

Most women will be a bridesmaid more than once in their lifetimes. Receiving the same gifts time after time can get old. There are only so many monogrammed robes that a girl needs before it gets a little excessive. Here are a few of my favorite ideas of gifts to give your bridesmaids. They are all unique and they all can still be used after the wedding is over. Enjoy!

1. Tory Burch Jewelry Case  A little break from the jewelry cases you see given a lot. So cute and stylish! 2. Wine Bottle Koozie  Keep your pinot grigio chilled on your way to the party. A great gift to give at a bachelorette party! 3. Clutch  How about giving your girls a cute clutch to go along with their wedding day ensemble? What’s more useful and chic than that? 4. J. Crew Earrings I love these as simple wedding day jewelry options. Maybe include them in the jewelry case?  5. Initial Necklace It isn’t something you’d want them wearing on the wedding day, but a simple reminder on a daily basis that they mean a lot to you. Would also look great in that jewelry case :)



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