Christi and John: A classically glamorous wedding {The Battle House, Mobile, Ala.}

I can’t believe I get to share this wedding with you so quickly! Folks, this wedding just happened a few days ago. And, photographer/photo editing machine Tiffany Hughes already has a taste for us. I’m stunned! For more reasons than one!

Christi and I actually grew up together in Mobile. We casually knew each other at church. Well, imagine my excitement when I got a message from her (after not seeing each other for years) about planning her wedding in April. It is always such an honor to be asked by childhood friends to be their wedding planner. And, I just die every time I get to plan a wedding in Mobile. Maybe it’s because I grew up there. But, Mobile really does have it’s own language for a wedding. I get all kinds of giddy when I get to be back in the Port City!

With Christi and John set to have their ceremony and reception at the gorgeous and historic Battle House Renaissance Hotel and Spa in downtown Mobile, Ala., I knew that they would be looking for a classic design. Set against dramatic and glamorous Crystal Ballroom, I could immediately see their day. Using soft tones like ivories, whites and champagnes, we let the architecture say it all and kept things clean. The result? A grand yet manageable setting fit to let the bride and groom take center stage.

Go ahead and feast your eyes on Tiffany’s master camera work. Enjoy a quintessential Mobile property with Mobile personality. And congratulations to a fantastic couple who deserve nothing but the best! I love you guys! Many best wishes, Christi and John!

Until next time, XOXO – Julie

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