{fashion friday} Get Ready to Get Ready

Every good southern girl knows that the amount of time she spends getting ready for an event is directly correlated with the amount of fun she will have. There’s a reason that women devote their entire wedding day to primping. And since the trend of taking “getting ready” pictures is becoming increasingly popular, you’re going to  want you and your bridesmaids to look good doing it! That’s why I’ve put together some getting ready ensembles to make sure that you and your wedding party look saucy and stylish while preparing for your debut down the aisle.

For the Bride:

When you’re preparing to get ready on your big day, you want to choose something that is comfy yet still bridal, and will not have to be pulled over your head as to not mess up your hair and makeup. Many brides are choosing monogrammed button downs, like the one shown below. Robes are also a very popular choice. I love the idea of this satin romper. It’s so different, yet still classic and beautiful. Cover up if you get chilly with this lace bridal robe, or throw on these soft lace-trim pajama pants. I chose the beaded makeup/jewelry bag to bring any extra beauty items you may need, and this Capri Blue candle is my very favorite. It smells amazing and would be so relaxing for your big day!

1. Coralie romper, 2. Cleo PJ pant, 3. Monogrammed button down, 4. Beaded makeup bag, 5. Love Ophelia lace robe 6. Capri Blue candle

For the Bridesmaids:

The trend for bridesmaids while getting ready is monograms and matching. I love both! I think this striped monogrammed button down would compliment the bride’s button down perfectly. If you’d like your bridal party to be extra matchy, you can include the monogrammed seersucker shorts. The pictures would be darling. A robe is also a great idea, and this one looks so incredibly comfy. Again, I really like the idea of a pajama romper for the bridesmaids as well, and this one is neutral so it will look great next to the bride’s ivory and lace one. Last, but not least, you’re definitely going to want something for your favorite girls to snack on while you glam-up! Macarons and mimosas are a must. They’re delicious and they look great in pictures!

1. Juicy Couture robe 2. Monogrammed button down, 3. Laduree macarons 4. Dolores Teddy romper 5. Monogrammed boxer shorts

Happy shopping fashionistas….XOXO Grace

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