{fashion friday} Pearls of Wisdom

My mom and I went on a little girls trip to New York City this past weekend. A total funfest of shopping, spa time and broadway shows. However, in the midst of all that girly excitement, my mom glanced down at her wrist after a long day of traipsing around Manhattan only to realize that her pearl bracelet was missing. The pearl bracelet made out of a string of flawless Mikimoto pearls that my dad gave her for their first Christmas together as a married couple, nearly 30 years ago. Talk. About. Irreplaceable. And after calling cab drivers, retracing steps and shedding a few tears, we finally admitted defeat. Thankfully she still has the necklace. But all this pearl drama got me thinking; When Marilyn Monroe belted out those famous lyrics, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” she clearly overlooked a jewel that is, in my opinion, just as capable of being a woman’s bestie: the pearl. These beauties have been valued for centuries, and fashioned into jewelry that has been passed down for generations. Now I may be a little biased, I’m such a pearl girl. I can’t think of a better way to class up an outfit than to throw pearls into the mix. Scientists even say they make your complexion glow. But with their beautiful milky color, who wouldn’t want to incorporate a few into their wedding day attire? Here are a few classic pieces for pearling-up on your big day. Just be sure to hold on tight to these babies, or in several years a cab driver may be driving around NYC wearing yours too.

1. Stone and pearl post earrings in mint blue 2.Pearl and rhinestone wedding sash 3. Pearl bracelet with monogram 4. Lazaro ivory pearl accent gown 5. Pearl and lace bouquet wrap 6. Pearl headband and veil 7. DIY pearl hair combs 8. Pearl and rhinestone earrings 9. Emily Riggs pearl garter

Happy shopping fashionistas….XOXO Grace


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