Courtney and Greg: A Classic Auburn Wedding {Fountainview Mansion; Auburn, Ala.}

I can’t believe that we get to feature our own director Courtney and her sweet husband Greg on our blog! Wait, I can believe it. I mean, their wedding was gorgeous and perfect and amazing and every other superlative that comes to mind. But, what I can’t believe is that their wedding feature here on the blog is in honor of their first anniversary this week. How does that first year pass so quickly?

I love this wedding for many reasons. It’s some of my favorite people. It’s in Auburn (hello…). It’s such a classic palette. It’s a formal setting – and we all know how I feel about a formal wedding. It has a gazillion personal details. So, I think I’ll just let you enjoy the photos. A major thanks to the fabulous Julie Lowry of Chanterelle Photography for the amazing images. Just another perfect piece of this wedding.

So, a huge hug and congratulations to our Courtney and Greg! May your first anniversary be filled with the memories of this gorgeous day and wishes for many more amazing memories to come! Until next time… XOXO, Julie


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