Our Pick for the New Year

It’s my very first post of 2014! Happy New Year everyone! I hope you have all had a wonderful and peaceful holiday season. And now…. it’s back to work!

While I was contemplating a subject for my New Year post, I got to thinking about color. It’s one of the central elements that drive a wedding design. Use it boldly or in more subtle ways, play off the venue, location, season, etc. The options are endless. Even though your choices are never ending, there will always be one color that you love more than most, or a color palette that speaks to you.

The color wizards at Pantone always issue their top colors for the upcoming season. This year, they picked Radiant Orchid as their top color for 2014. If we are discussing strict color trends, I say I love it. But for weddings, I have to admit that I’m personally more on the subtle end of things than what this bolder choice would give to a wedding. Maybe it’s the section of country that we are in (Lord bless southern weddings), maybe it’s my aversion to trends for trends sake, maybe it’s because it’s hard to force a color on something when it just might not be right, but I’m going to go ahead and call my own color love for 2014. It’s not a tough one when it comes to weddings. Actually, it’s pretty common. Blush Pink.

Shocking? No. Ground breaking? Hardly. Still makes my heart skip a beat? Absolutely. It’s a color that is so light and completely perfect. It plays off of natural settings so well. It holds its own even amongst all the other pieces in a wedding. It plays on the ultra-girly and yet it isn’t off-putting for the guys. Can I keep gushing? I could just go on and on.

As with everything I do with color, moderation is key. Even with a color as light as blush. Really. It doesn’t take much. Let it speak for itself instead of throwing it everywhere you possibly can. It’s the simplicity that is so wonderful with such a color. Let it be ethereal, breathless and airy. That’s where the real magic lies.

Here’s looking to a beautiful 2014! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for everyone! Until next time… XOXO, Julie



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