Fashion Friday: Winter Wedding Lovelies

So, I really hate the cold weather….a lot. I was born in the winter, but I am a summer girl by heart. However, winter weddings are some of my favorites. They are elegant, beautiful and just all around classy. So many people have spring and summer weddings. A gorgeous winter wedding is something that will definitely stand out. Winter white is fantastic! Here are a few of my favorite winter wedding fashion trends.

1. Christian Louboutin ‘Alta Rita’ Slingbacks – These Louboutin slingbacks will be sure to keep you from “getting cold feet”.  The whimsical design and crystals are perfect foot candy for a winter wedding. Perfection. 2. Headpiece – I’m a huge fan of headpieces of all kinds. When else is it socially acceptable to wear headpieces and not look a little bit ridiculous? Well, unless you are in England maybe. This vintage blossom comb and birdcage are fantastic. 3. Capulet – This faux-fur “capulet” is affordable and stylish. It’s sure to keep you warm if you are taking pictures outside in the freezing temperatures. Another plus is that this is extremely affordable. You can find it at David’s Bridal for under $100! 4. Fur Muff – This fur muff is absolutely perfect for those great outdoor photos. It will definitely keep your hands nice and cozy in between holding your bouquet and your love’s hands. This accessory is also under $100, which is a steal.


Something Blue That Suits You


I’d like to say that I am a pretty “modern” person, in the sense that I am always looking for the newest trends to follow. However, I think that a wedding is an extremely traditional ceremony and that we should follow some of the traditions that have been associated with weddings for years. The “something blue” tradition is one of my absolute favorites. I have seen many brides do all sorts of fun things to incorporate “something blue” into their ceremony. I’ve come up with three of my favorite ways to bring that “something blue” into a wedding.


If you’ve seen Sex and the City: The Movie, you will remember Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic blue Manolo Blahnik satin pumps that Big gave her when he proposed. I adore these shoes. They are classic and beautiful. The sparkle on the toe gives them a little glitz. Wearing gorgeous blue shoes under your wedding dress is one way to get your “something blue” in. Who wouldn’t want to walk down the aisle in those shoes?


The garter: another long-standing tradition in a wedding. People choose all different types and styles of garters to wear under their gown. Some people coordinate colors with their wedding, some wear the colors of the college they went to. I think a simple and elegant way to incorporate “something blue” into your wedding is to have a touch of blue on your garter. It doesn’t have to scream BLUE and look cheesy. This is a perfectly beautiful example of how a little something blue can add to a gorgeous garter. We found these on Etsy.


If you just really aren’t into wearing anything that is blue, a great option is Oscar de la Renta’s “Something Blue” fragrance that he made specifically for the nuptials. The fragrance actually has a removable ring on top that you can wear anytime! How cool is that? Also, the pretty blue top is made of a rare gemstone called Larimar that is only found in the Dominican Republic. Just a little spritz of this perfume and you’ll have your “something blue” and smell irresistible too!

Hope you find your “something blue” that suites you!


Brittany and Justin: Memorial Day Weekend Wedding – Wonderful {Wetumpka, Ala.}

I am fresh off a slew of weddings and I decided that Brittany and Justin fit the bill for my first wedding feature in several weeks. “Fit the bill” is a slight understatement. I mean, Brittany is one of the cutest, prettiest, sweetest girls I have ever met. And, Justin? Completely, head over heels, in love with Brittany. I absolutely loved spending time with this couple. Sometimes being a wedding planner really is the best job ever.

Brittany and Justin had been together since high school. Brittany has been finishing up her degree in pharmacy and Justin has been her support the whole way (if you know anything about pharmacy school – especially the one at Auburn University – you know that the students are basically owned for about 5 years). I was thrilled and honored to be asked to help them plan their wedding.

We started working with a little more than a year to plan. Brittany had a great vision of a sleek, modern and refined design for her wedding. Silvers and greys, accented by a deep plum, made up her color palette. I was in heaven.

So, I share with you the gorgeous photos from their wedding. Tiffany Hughes, of Lucky Photography, captured this beautiful couple and their perfect day like few others could. Brittany and Justin, I am so happy for you guys! I loved working with you and wish you all the best! Congratulations!!!

Until next time… XOXO, Julie

The NotWedding: 2012

It has come around again: The NotWedding. And once again, I was excited for my wonderful friend Lindsay to have asked me to attend it with her. To review, The NotWedding is a bridal show with a twist. This is a “fake wedding”. Everything about the event is set up as though you were at a real wedding. There is a ceremony, dinner, toasts (recognition of the participating vendors) and dancing. It is a more real way to experience the vendors – a wedding setting. I attend because I simply love to see new vendors and new ideas.

This year, I was most excited to see the design scheme that would be showcased. Since it is a mock wedding, they have the unique ability to take a design and follow it all the way through. Last year followed the trend of the vintage wedding. This year, I don’t know if I could actually name their theme. Although, pink was definitely their main color. And textures. Paper, fabric, etc. Texture was important. All well-thought out and executed perfectly.

Of course, Lindsay and I had a fabulous time. I am happy to share some of the official photos from Sarah Ester Photography. Can’t wait until the next NotWedding! Until next time… XOXO, Julie

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Engagements: Captured

I’m deep into the start of wedding season. I’m actually spending the week in my hometown of Mobile, Ala. getting ready for Whitney and Cliff’s wedding this weekend. Thus, I’m going to play the “I’m really busy” card (read: slacker) and do another photography post (read: low effort).

This time, I’m focused on the engagement photo shoot. Now, I’m a sucker for great wedding photography. But, engagement shoots are especially fun to me. It’s where you can devote the time to calm down, relax and just enjoy being with your fiance while a pro photographer captures your love in a casual, every day life type of setting (if you so choose). Full disclosure: I have had absolutely nothing to do with any of the photos that you are about to enjoy in this post beyond the fact that the folks in them are my super awesome clients having a ball with a few of my favorite photographers that I get to work with and subsequently brag on. I did not style these shoots. I did not even attend these shoots. I am simply admiring them and hopefully encouraging others to have fun with their engagement shoots as well.

I could spend time going into a few points for you to think about when it comes to your engagement shoot. But, that is for another post. Right now, I just want you to sit back and enjoy these lovelies. Until next time… XOXO, Julie

Brittany and Justin – Lucky Photography
These two are so cute! I can’t wait for their Wetumpka, Ala. wedding in May. It is going to be beautiful!

Adding a stop at Toomer’s Drugs for some lemonade during the shoot? Genius. And super cute! War Eagle!

Kristi and Josh – MJ Gillespie Photography
Their wedding here in Auburn, Ala. is just around the corner! It is going to be such a lovely affair. Seriously. Just wait for the photos.

Ellen and Ryan –
Oh my goodness. I have been in love with these photos since they first appeared on Facebook (see them here). I have had such a great time working with Ellen and her family. Their rustic chic wedding at Children’s Harbour is coming in June. Get ready!

Rachel and Sean – Chanterelle Photography
These two gorgeous people are already married (remember their awesome wedding in Pike Road, Ala.?). But, I am still in love with their engagement photos. And, yes. They own a gym together. A couple that works out together, stays together. And looks hot together…

The Trendy Wedding

I may, or may not, be the best person to discuss trends. I wouldn’t call myself a trendy person in real life. Meaning that I have a hard time latching onto a trend for a trend’s sake. Good heavens, I live in a college town. If I took to every trend that I saw going on, it would be a sad day. And, I feel the same way with weddings. As much as you want to be current and have fun with your wedding, I try to stay away from trends. Instead, I work with my clients to create a wedding that will speak to their personality as a couple, be beautiful for years to come and still have something special that will set it apart from other weddings that their guests will attend.

You may be wondering how this is possible. It’s not that it doesn’t take work. I have found that it is much easier to over-design than it is to edit. It takes much more attention to know when enough is enough. To hold back at just the right points. I have said many times that I will always tend towards the less is more approach to design. I think that the reason for the event will shine through much more if you don’t throw everything you can imagine into the mix. I believe that it is the people that make up a wedding, not the flowers (or other piece). This touches on my dislike of themes to weddings. If you need a theme, then it isn’t a wedding. Or, if you have to spell it out for people – literally. I, for one, could go without seeing wedding photos of a bride and groom holding signs that say “Love” or “Mr. and Mrs.” or some such thing. I’m sure you know what I am talking about. I mean, really. If your photographer can’t capture the love of a wedding without having written out signs that say “love”, you might need to re-think your choice of photographer.

But, I’m getting off track. In terms of trends, I think that they only work when you can incorporate them effortlessly. If they stand out as a piece on its own, then it shouldn’t be used. Everything should flow completely. This does not mean that I think all weddings should look alike. Neither do I think that you can’t have fun with color or printing or other design aspects. Of my clients that I am working with this moment, all of them have a very distinct color palette. And, I love them all. I know that there are very few people (me being among those oddballs) who would do a black and white wedding.

To try to actually define what I am talking about in terms of trends, think of it this way: if you have to tell someone that you are awesome, then you probably aren’t. Basically, stop trying so hard! Just let your wedding be as natural as possible. If you naturally tend towards the formal side of things (like I do), then go with it. If you have a love of color, use it!

Example 1: I know I use this wedding a lot, but please see Lauren and JP’s wedding for an example of using color and personality in just the right amount. Flowers, printing, etc. all colorful. But, nothing overdone. Lauren used white/negative space in the best way possible to set off her love of color. Photos by Our Labor of Love.

Example 2: Kara and Ian’s wedding was formal with a deep plum color palette. With such a strong color, she kept it all in check. Photos by Flip Flop Foto.

As with all things, have an editing eye. You don’t have to fill your ballroom with fuchsia tablecloths for your guests to know that fuchsia is in your wedding color palette. (As a matter of fact, I strongly advise against a ballroom full of fuchsia tablecloths. Painful to eyes. Email me for more thoughts on this.) Even a glam wedding style needs to be edited. Don’t be afraid to hold back – just a little. It will allow you to shine that much more.

Until next time… XOXO – Julie

The featured photo is by Chanterelle Photography from Rachel and Sean’s wedding. Rachel understood editing when it came to design. Her wedding was absolutely perfectly done. While every detail was thought about, it came across as effortless.

When it comes to your wedding, personality matters

I recently posted about trusting your wedding vendors. Which is very important to you enjoying your day. But, this week I have been thinking about how you actually need to like the people who you have chosen to work with on your wedding day. You may have hired the most well-regarded vendors in the industry – possibly even famous vendors. But, if you don’t actually like them and enjoy working with them, it will put a huge damper on your experience. Weddings are emotional and stressful and you have to actually enjoy working with your vendors.

I once had a client who hired a very good photographer for her wedding. Her family knew him by reputation and he had done work for other people they knew. I, myself, was impressed by his work. However, come wedding day, I wasn’t super impressed with his work style. He never really warmed up to anyone. It was as if he didn’t like working with people in general. And, he was kind of rude to me. I didn’t say anything to the client about it. Him being rude to me wasn’t her problem. It wasn’t until later when I was working on a second wedding for that family that they mentioned how rude the photographer had been and how hard he had been to work with before, during and after the wedding. The bride actually said, “I thought that I would get over his personality because he takes such great photos. In the end, I hated having him around me all day.”

What a horrible thing to remember about your wedding day! It makes me really sad for my client and really mad at vendors who treat people this way. On behalf of the vendors I know in this industry, I will say that we all work really hard to be as professional as possible. I take it personally when people say they have been treated poorly by a fellow wedding industry member.

The bride’s statement is dead on. And, while I think that they got good photos, I firmly believe that they would have been better had she actually liked the photographer. This can be applied to nearly every vendor in your wedding. If you really click with your florist, they are going to understand what you want that much more. The relationship becomes more collaborative instead of one-sided. And I LOVE collaboration.

I am in a very enviable position in terms of my involvement in a wedding. I get the opportunity to be super personal with my clients. I get to spend the most time with them. I get to know them, their personalities, their likes and dislikes. Many times, I meet with them in their homes which gives me a more rounded picture of who they are. And, with my office at my house, sometimes we meet at my home. By the time their wedding day is upon us, I can say that I know that client so well that I can make decisions for them. As in, if something arises that day, I can make a decision about it without having to mention to my client that there ever was an issue. And, I think it makes for a great working relationship.

I don’t think that you have to get that personal with all your vendors. That is simply the way that I like to work. But, it is very important to feel absolutely comfortable with those you work with. Of course, I help my clients through working with vendors. Even though you might like your florist, you may not always speak “floral” language. Part of my job is to help translate what you want and what they can do for you. But, don’t sell yourself short on the working relationship because you see a big name or reputation. If they can’t back up the reputation by being nice to work with, it isn’t worth it.

Be picky. It’s okay. You don’t have to settle. And, get a planner. I know that many people settle on things because they just don’t want to deal with it anymore. If you let your planner handle the parts that you just can’t spend any more time and effort on, you’ll be happier.

Until next time… XOXO – Julie

The photo is from Burnett Photography with florals by Kimberly Nelson Floral Designs for Tracy and Stephen’s wedding. All parties got along great!

Calligraphy or No?

Now a days, there are few places that you will see calligraphy in everyday life other than a wedding invitation. It is an art form that isn’t thought of much anymore. In our age of emails, texts and tweets, regular mail is rarely seen as much more than a bother. But, I have a long standing love affair with paper and all that goes into it. While I haven’t been shy about sounding off on specific invitations and how they set the tone of that wedding, I thought I would discuss one item in particular that I love about invitations in general – calligraphy.

When it comes to your wedding invitations, there are those that appreciate calligraphy and those that don’t. There are plenty of reasons to consider having your invitations addressed by a calligrapher. Of course, the highest reason is that it makes a beautiful statement. But, consider these reasons: you don’t have to sit and hand-write all the addresses (torture if you are busy bride), it makes your invitation stand out among the other pieces of mail that people get and halfheartedly sift through and it gives your invitation an air of importance.

I understand that not everyone has calligraphy high on their list of things that they want for their wedding. And, as always, cost and budgets do come into play. But, calligraphy doesn’t have to break the bank. Depending on the style and the calligrapher and the amount of pieces you want them to do, you can expect your calligraphy to add $1-$4 to your per invitation price. Do your research. There are all kinds of styles and price ranges out there. I have worked with quite a few calligraphers and they are all different. So, it really just depends on what you are looking for.

But, my biggest argument for calligraphy comes from the idealist in me. Do I think that you have to have calligraphy on your invitations because of some stated tradition? No. If I haven’t made myself clear, I’m not much for following traditions for tradition’s sake. Etiquette, yes. Tradition, no. So, I don’t think that you have to go and spend lots of money on calligraphy because tradition says that you do. I just love the art form of it. I appreciate the specialness of it. If there is any time to make things special, it is your wedding. Haven’t you ever heard someone say, “It’s the little things in life…”? Well, wedding calligraphy would be one of those things. Those small touches that just make things special.

To round things out, I’ve included a few photos of invitations from weddings past and each one has a different style. Maybe you might want to consider this often-overlooked part of wedding planning. Why? Because, I said you should :). And really, who could argue with this… Until next time – XOXO, Julie

Katherine and Chris – one of my absolute favorites. Extra formal. Engraved invitation. I think the calligraphy is perfect!

photo by FlipFlopFoto

photo by FlipFlopFoto

Brooke and Tom – There are more things to add calligraphy to than just the invitations and their reception printing was beyond. Calligraphy on their escort cards and menus. Set such a great tone for the reception.

Lauren and JP – Lauren, artist extraordinaire, did her own calligraphy. I would expect nothing less… :).  A little less formal to go along with her very colorful invitations. Absolutely perfect.

photo by Our Labor of Love

photo by Our Labor of Love

Karla and Jeff – Their December wedding was formal and everything a winter wedding should be. To compliment? Their entire invitation was done in calligraphy and then reproduced. Such a gorgeous look!

photo by FlipFlopFoto

Ben and Becca: Backyard Wedding Chic {Columbus, Ga}

I apologize for taking a week off. But, I will more than make up for it with these amazing photos of Ben and Becca’s wedding. First, let me set the scene.

It is hard to explain Ben and Becca’s wedding style. If I said casual, you would get the wrong idea. It wasn’t really. And comfortable doesn’t quite say it right either. Even though it was comfortable. I would definitely say that their personality was all over the wedding and it created a definitive style that immediately told you something about them. As a wedding planner, this makes me happy.

They chose to hold their wedding at Becca’s uncle’s house in Upatoi (just outside Columbus, Ga) which has a pecan grove. The ceremony was perfectly situated in the middle of the grove with the afternoon light just perfect. Becca chose bright flowers and bridesmaids dresses to off-set the burlap tones that they used throughout. Another touch? Collected craft beer bottles (Ben and Becca love craft beers) that were cleaned and used as groupings of vases. It was such a welcoming setting for an outdoor wedding and reception.

I think it was this home-y feel to things that let people really enjoy everything that Ben and Becca added to their wedding. Bocci ball and Cornhole at the cocktail hour? Yes, please. Full tent of desserts? Delicious. An ice cream truck later in the night? Awesome. Photo booth? Epic.

I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed working with Ben and Becca and seeing their wedding come together in such success. It is what makes my job really great. So, I will stop gushing and just let you take in the genius photos by Altmix Photography. It’s no secret that I love photography, but Matt and Katie perfectly captured Ben and Becca’s day, personality and love. All you could ask for in your photography. Thank you so much for sharing your photos!

Congratulations Ben and Becca! Y’all are so great and I smile every time I look at your photos. Many wonderful wishes to you guys! – XOXO, Julie

About those photo booths…

I’m going to be a bit reflective today. Sometimes, I can get caught up in the wedding-ness that I am a part of day in and day out. And by that, I mean, all the research and blog reading and magazine reading and Facebook stalking and Twitter-ing and general “keeping up” with the wedding industry at large that I have to do. I say have to. I mean want to. Because, I want to see everything there is to see about weddings to be able to give my clients the best in design ideas, direction, etc.

I feel like I have seen it all by now. Seriously. Very few things stand out to me for real anymore. I can look at 10 different wedding blogs a day and find maybe one or two photos that stand out to me – and that’s a good day. I was getting worried that I might have become a bit jaded by my job. If you look at beautiful images all the time, you start to get very picky on what you personally call beautiful or interesting or unique. It’s kind of sad (for me).

But, the redeeming part of all this is separating the design aspect of a wedding from the personal aspect of a wedding. I know that I have already given myself away as a very formal person if I were to sum up my event style. Black tie. Uber fancy. But, when it comes down to it, all I would want from my event is that everyone has a great time. The personal aspect of it. The “who gives a care about what type of paper the program is printed on, I just want to celebrate with my friends” attitude that usually comes at about 2.5 hours before the reception ends at any normal wedding. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a paper snob and if I have the choice, I will definitely care about what type of paper the program is printed on. But, I get a zillion times more pleasure in seeing my clients have a knock-down, crazy-good time at their reception.

That brings me to a little preview of Ben and Becca’s wedding. I had the honor of being their day-of wedding planner and it was so much fun. If I tell you that I am super formal when it comes to my event style, then Ben and Becca would be my nemesis. Not in a bad way at all! Their wedding was beautiful! Disclaimer: I appreciate all good design, formal and informal. Theirs was very crafty and homespun with love and very welcoming.  An outdoor ceremony with burlap on reception tables, cornhole and bocci ball at the cocktail hour, an ice cream truck along with their dessert tent, and a specially brewed craft beer. Just a very comfortable setting. And guess what? Their guests were completely involved in all the special touches that they had going on.

To illustrate, I give you Exhibit A: the photo booth. I share these photos with you before sharing the wedding photos because it illustrates how much fun everyone was having. I have had several photo booths at weddings. Up until this point, I have been slightly indifferent on the photo booth. I sometimes think that it’s just something to add to the hoopla of a wedding. But, Ben and Becca’s just had a different attitude. First off, the “booth” was really just a backdrop with a camera in front of it. Very simple. But, the genius of it was that you could watch what everyone was doing in the booth. All others I’ve had have been actual booths. Kind of closed off. This one, coupled with the amazingly fun props that Becca collected (I mean, who doesn’t love a Viking helmet and red feather boa?), was a recipe for fun! It just begged for you to jump in and be a nut in front of a camera. Which made for a very fun wedding reception elsewhere.

So, I dare you not to smile, and probably laugh out loud, as you look at their photo booth shots (thank you Altmix Photography). And think about how you want your guests to feel at your next wedding/event. I’m not saying that things have to get goofy to have a good time. But, it certainly doesn’t hurt… XOXO, Julie