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Fashion Friday: Winter Wedding Lovelies

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So, I really hate the cold weather….a lot. I was born in the winter, but I am a summer girl by heart. However, winter weddings are some of my favorites. They are elegant, beautiful and just all around classy. So many people have spring and summer weddings. A gorgeous winter wedding is something that will definitely stand out. Winter white is fantastic! Here are a few of my favorite winter[...]

Something Blue That Suits You

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  I’d like to say that I am a pretty “modern” person, in the sense that I am always looking for the newest trends to follow. However, I think that a wedding is an extremely traditional ceremony and that we should follow some of the traditions that have been associated with weddings for years. The “something blue” tradition is one of my absolute favorites. I have seen many brides do[...]

Brittany and Justin: Memorial Day Weekend Wedding – Wonderful {Wetumpka, Ala.}

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I am fresh off a slew of weddings and I decided that Brittany and Justin fit the bill for my first wedding feature in several weeks. “Fit the bill” is a slight understatement. I mean, Brittany is one of the cutest, prettiest, sweetest girls I have ever met. And, Justin? Completely, head over heels, in love with Brittany. I absolutely loved spending time with this couple. Sometimes being a wedding[...]

The NotWedding: 2012

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It has come around again: The NotWedding. And once again, I was excited for my wonderful friend Lindsay to have asked me to attend it with her. To review, The NotWedding is a bridal show with a twist. This is a “fake wedding”. Everything about the event is set up as though you were at a real wedding. There is a ceremony, dinner, toasts (recognition of the participating vendors) and[...]

Engagements: Captured

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I’m deep into the start of wedding season. I’m actually spending the week in my hometown of Mobile, Ala. getting ready for Whitney and Cliff’s wedding this weekend. Thus, I’m going to play the “I’m really busy” card (read: slacker) and do another photography post (read: low effort). This time, I’m focused on the engagement photo shoot. Now, I’m a sucker for great wedding photography. But, engagement shoots are especially[...]

When it comes to your wedding, personality matters

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I recently posted about trusting your wedding vendors. Which is very important to you enjoying your day. But, this week I have been thinking about how you actually need to like the people who you have chosen to work with on your wedding day. You may have hired the most well-regarded vendors in the industry – possibly even famous vendors. But, if you don’t actually like them and enjoy working[...]

Calligraphy or No?

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Now a days, there are few places that you will see calligraphy in everyday life other than a wedding invitation. It is an art form that isn’t thought of much anymore. In our age of emails, texts and tweets, regular mail is rarely seen as much more than a bother. But, I have a long standing love affair with paper and all that goes into it. While I haven’t been[...]

Ben and Becca: Backyard Wedding Chic {Columbus, Ga}

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I apologize for taking a week off. But, I will more than make up for it with these amazing photos of Ben and Becca’s wedding. First, let me set the scene. It is hard to explain Ben and Becca’s wedding style. If I said casual, you would get the wrong idea. It wasn’t really. And comfortable doesn’t quite say it right either. Even though it was comfortable. I would definitely[...]

About those photo booths…

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I’m going to be a bit reflective today. Sometimes, I can get caught up in the wedding-ness that I am a part of day in and day out. And by that, I mean, all the research and blog reading and magazine reading and Facebook stalking and Twitter-ing and general “keeping up” with the wedding industry at large that I have to do. I say have to. I mean want to.[...]