Newlywed Nest: Accolades for Blue Apron

I never thought I’d be writing a glowingly positive, fanatical blog post about Blue Apron (or any meal subscription boxes, for that matter), but this week, that’s exactly what I’m going to do. Y’all, I really didn’t want to like it…I really didn’t. But I really, really do.

I’ll jump to specifics in just a moment, but I’ll start by saying you’d be hard-pressed to find something more delicious – even in a restaurant – than what subscribers find in their perfectly packaged cardboard boxes. For all you skeptics, I’ll also say the ingredients were amazingly fresh, the recipes incredibly simple, and somehow, the instructions led me to create dishes whose presentations weren’t half bad either.

Here’s a rundown on what we ate. (By the way, we received three two-serving meals for $60 – not bad at all! Between drinks, an appetizer and our meals, the Browns don’t make it out of a restaurant for that price. Subscribers may choose their meals from a weekly menu, and meals arrive as soon as the following week and on the day of your choice.)

Night 1: Shrimp & Squid Ink Spaghetti with Sugar Snap Peas
I know what you’re thinking…GROSS! But I have to say, it was really just black spaghetti (apparently a thing in Italy) with deliciously spiced shrimp and fresh sugar snap peas. I remember selecting this recipe because I was pressed for time on this particular night. Turns out I was able to whip it up in only 20 minutes. Super easy to put together, very filling (it made A LOT) and my hubby loved it! We’d definitely eat this again.


Night 2: Chicken & Sweet Pepper Tostadas
Another knockout recipe! After minor veggie prep, I sautéed the chicken and sweet peppers, toasted the tostadas and roasted the side of summer squash. After that, it was simple assembly! Our chicken and veggie mountain was smothered in cotija cheese and sour cream…absolutely DI-VINE.


Night 3: Beef Knockwurst & Sauerkraut with Potato Salad
While this one was also delicious, it probably was our least favorite. It was a fantastic recipe – if you like knockwurst and sauerkraut. Still, the recipe was super simple, and it came together beautifully. The knockwurst was very filling, and I decided I would really enjoy this on a cold night when I’m starving. Not sure if I’d order this again, but I’d definitely recommend it to someone with a taste for German cuisine. Yum! (My presentation wasn’t so pretty on this one, so I omitted a photo.)


Blue Apron is husband-approved!

All in all, I cannot recommend Blue Apron enough, and I’m seriously contemplating becoming a regular subscriber. It’s so easy, takes grocery shopping almost completely out of the equation (PTL!) and is so affordable. Most importantly, we were incredibly impressed by the tastiness…who knew?!

Blue Apron for the win!

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