With a forward-thinking approach to full-service design and planning, Invision Events is known for the subtle sophistication they bring to their weddings, corporate and destination events that surprise and delight.

From concepting aesthetics to orchestrating details and executing the event itself, Julie and Courtney walk hand-in-hand with their clients as trusted experts, delivering unmatched excellence when it matters most.


our approach

invision events graciously gathers the details while tailoring the design to create a deeply personal experience for thier clients and their guests.


From streamlining logistics to curating a masterful creative team and customizing elements to match their client’s taste and personality, Invision Events seamlessly gathers the details for their clients while they gather with their loved ones.

Whether the snow-topped mountains of Colorado, the tranquil beaches of Mexico, or the familiarity of their clients’ homes, they believe in producing engaging events that allow for meaningful time spent with the most important people in their clients' lives.


Invision Events’ wedding style is uniquely tailored to be an extension of the couple and family’s personal style. Designed with intention, they ensure each element and custom fabrication is precisely in the correct proportions to fit the day.

Collaborating with their clients with sincerity, they craft an aesthetic that is both impressive and balanced. Molding every detail, their discerning clients enjoy a discrete experience artfully created yet never overdone.


Similar to how their couples host their guests, Julie and Courtney serve as gracious hosts to their clients! Like a trusted concierge, they anticipate needs and wants, guiding clients through the wedding planning process with energy and excitement. 

As a transparent resource, they’re known for managing the occasion with tact and grace. While their clients warmly greet family and friends, they handle the entire timeline from the welcome to the after-party and every moment in-between!

The most meaningful, incredible weekend.

"You created such a beautiful moment in the midst of such craziness. Thank you for the reminder that, at the end of the day, ‘All you need is love’. Forever grateful."

– Lillian, mother of the bride

IT'S their pleasurE

The Invision Events Team welcomes everyone at their table.