A Spring Farm Wedding: Catey + Michael {Richland, Ga.}

If there were a way to describe wedding magic, I think just looking though Catey and Michael’s wedding would be a good start. Wedding magic is this: when I am working with a client and I can tell that their wedding is going to be beautiful (as all weddings are), but I really don’t get a full handle on just how wonderful things are going to be until I see things unfold that day. Then, by the end of the day, I know that something really special has happened. It’s like a building of beauty. It just keeps getting better until the wedding is over and you are just thankful that you got to be a part of the day.

That is Catey and Michael’s wedding all over. As a couple, they hold a style on their own that has its own brand of cool. Stylish, on point, effortless, a mix of metro cool (they met in and live in Atlanta) and southern charm. Catey’s amazing mom is an interior designer and Catey works in the floral industry, so they knew what they were doing with details. Michael’s family had a farm that had been in the family for 100 years. On site was a pecan grove that was in the best stages of spring bloom. Catey had an amazing reception dress that echoed the quiet farm setting that they were in. The lighting that day was to die for.¬†Everything was just working in their favor.

I spent the day enjoying everything unfolding and watching a seriously cool and fun group have the time of their lives. I think I’ll leave it at that and let you enjoy the amazing photos from Paige Jones. Maybe you’ll get a glimpse of what wedding magic is.

Until next time…¬†XOXO,¬†Julie


Vendor Love

Wedding Planner: Invision Events

Photography: Paige Jones

Venue: Private Farm | Richland, Ga.

Caterer: Sun in My Belly

Florist: Bloomwoods

Rentals: Outdoor Events

Attire (men): J. Crew

Music: Infinity Show Band

Cake: Sweet Sensations

Videography: Munn Brothers Films

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