Here Come The Bridesmaids

Hooray! It’s Friday!

Today I will continue talking about wedding trends for 2015. My first post that I presented to you last week included four different color combinations paired with gold to create a luscious wedding day palate. This week, I will introduce to you some bridesmaid dress ideas. Of course no wedding would be complete without your best friends by your side to share in your special day; they have to look glamorous too!

Here are some of the five hottest dress styles you’ll definitely want your bridesmaids to flaunt down the aisle in 2015:

1. Twist Wraps bring your bridesmaids dresses from drab to fab with just a simple twist.


2. Keyhole Back is an easy yet lovely way to make your bridesmaids dresses pop.


3. Criss-Cross Neckline adds a unique flare to any simple bridesmaid dress.

4. One Shoulder is a classic bridesmaids dress that will probably never go out of style.


5. Illusion Neckline or Sleeves showcase a lot of elegance to any bridal party.

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