The Groom Guide {2015}

Hope everyone had a great week!

This Friday on the blog, I decided it was time for the husband-to-be to shine. Even though us gals hate to admit it, what the groom wears is just as important (maybe a little less) as the bride, considering it’s their wedding day too! 2015 is definitely the year of the groom and his men. That being said, these looks will have you dashing to say “I Do!” to your handsome hubby waiting at the end of the altar.

Some trends are spilling over from 2014, like navy suits for example but the latest looks add a bit more color



Detailed and dapper with monograms and gold tipped bowties



Mixing and matching patterns with complementary and monochromatic colors



The ever so classic black tuxedo



Now every bride will be even more giddy to see her glorified groom on their wedding day. Continue to check up on our Pinterest page for more ideas!!

Have a wonderful and warm weekend.

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