Inspiration: White wedding elements

White has been de rigueur for weddings since Queen Victoria wore her trendsetting for the ages white dress to her wedding in 1840. While I am an ardent lover of wedding dresses, I love to see white taken to the rest of the wedding design. It creates a timeless and distinct wedding aesthetic.


Even with white being the main component of the wedding, I will always see room for tones and nuances in the scheme. I love to see a depth to the color – even one as on-the-surface simple as white. So, of course I took to Pinterest to put together my white wedding elements. This wedding is not a flat white with no variation, but pieces that would compliment with the subtlety that a timeless wedding needs.

Enjoy the last weeks of summer friends! White might be off the table in our everyday wardrobe by Labor Day, but at least we have our weddings. 🙂

Until next time… XOXO, Julie

white board

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