{Sign}, Sealed, Delivered.

I’m all about the affordable lifestyle and when it comes to weddings sometimes it’s hard to stay in budget. One way I’ve seen couples cut costs yet keep their weddings adorable, is by making signs. You may be confused. Let me explain. I’ve seen welcome signs, signs with hashtags, signs for the guest book, you name it and I’ve seen it done. Not only does each sign look so unique, but also each sign reflects the couple’s personality. There are sweet signs, serious signs and silly signs.

I also love that it’s not difficult to make a sign. All you need is a surface and some good handwriting. Without further ado, here are some of my favorite ideas for signs I’ve seen with some of my favorite quotes…

Many couples choose to not separate the guests by sides and instead let them choose where they want to sit. If that’s the case for your wedding, a sign like this one would be perfect.


{Picture Credit: Style Me Pretty}

A little bit of wood and paint can go a long way. Just a simple greeting for the guests is all this sign is, and yet it adds such a welcoming touch.


{Picture Credit: Pinterest}

I’m in this phase where I think bikes are wonderful and can make anything cute, so this next sign is one of my favorite ideas. The flowers in the little bike make it pop!


{Picture Credit: The Knot}

To begin with I thought hashtags were pointless and quite frankly, dumb. However, I have completely jumped on the hashtag train! Weddings, from the engagement to the honeymoon, can be followed online by using the same hashtag. By clicking on the hashtag, you can then see all of the pictures from every phase of the couples wedding planning process and swoon over how adorable they are. It’s brilliant and you can create a sign like this next picture…


{Picture Credit: Fab You Bliss}

Last but certainly not least, how smart is this next one?! If you’re planning a winter wedding, putting blankets out for the guests and then leaving this sign next to them is a fabulous idea.


{Picture Credit: Bridal Musings}

Big or small, funny or sweet, a sign can be the perfect little addition your wedding needs!



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