Tis the Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! One of the most romantic things in the world are the weddings around Christmas time. If Christmas isn’t already the best, tack on a wedding and I’m confident there is simply nothing better. There are plenty of tiny touches to a wedding that can bring the Christmas spirit alive while celebrating a couple’s commitment. However, I can imagine it can also be stressful for the bride and groom to be planning around the holidays, so I’m here to help make life easier and a little more festive!

I’ve composed a list of some easy ways to put holiday cheer into your special day! These ideas are easy and affordable, but also remind everyone of the magic this time brings. Here are my top 5 favorite ideas for bringing holiday cheer to your wedding day…

1. Hot Coco Bar

Forget the alcohol. Hot coco bars are warm and friendly, making kids and adults, excited to head to the drink area.


{Photo Credit: Pen & Paper Blog}

2. Santa Desserts

Cut a few strawberries in half, add some icing, put them on some brownie bits and what do you have? Edible Santa! What’s great about these is that anyone can make them. Save your money and get your hands a little messy. I mean who doesn’t want to eat a tiny Santa hat?!


{Photo Credit: Erica Sweet Tooth}

3. Greenery

Cutting up a Christmas tree and putting some of the branches around your centerpieces is all it takes to bring the smell of the season to your wedding. Forget the scented candles that are $10 each and add some real greenery!


{Photo Credit: Brides}

4. Twinkle Lights

Head to Target and buy a few strands of lights to hang up at the reception. The tiny lights add the perfect ambiance to any venue.

View More: http://babbphoto.pass.us/colette-and-ray

{Photo Credit: London Bride}

5. Mistletoe Picture

It takes less than a minute, but it’ll be the one you frame and look at for years to come. Buy some mistletoe, hold it above you and your loved one’s head and kiss! It’s so simple, but will remind you of the amazing season you married the love of your life.


{Picture Credit: Emmaline Bride}

Happy happy holidays!



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