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Hey guys! I wanted to introduce you to Sarah – a past bride and owner of Water and Willow. I am so inspired by her art work and her mission behind it. Please enjoy her guest post and her beautiful work.

Cheers! Courtney


A little over one year ago, I had the honor of marrying Allen Nunnally, with the help of the amazing Courtney Wolf of Invision Events. From day one, it was my goal to have a wedding that was extremely personal. I desperately wanted to make sure our wedding told the unique stories of our lives. Whether it was the chocolate wedding cake, tiny Ugandan faces, or the hand-written vows, I wanted people to really know who we were.

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Ever since I was about thirteen, I loved all things art. My projects started small and then soon evolved into a small business as I painted in the little downtime I had in college. So of course, when our wedding came around, I wanted to paint just about everything I could. I also knew I wanted our wedding to be filled with Jesus’ presence and my paintings allowed me to add that to our wedding in subtle but beautiful ways. Our wedding ended up featuring over ten hand-painted pieces.

Ever since my wedding, I have fallen in love with creating these meaningful pieces for people across the southeast. In August of 2015, I started Water and Willow – a creative company invested in spreading the name of Jesus through art. With the help of my husband, we create wooden pieces that are featured in weddings, nurseries, homes, stores, and most of the time, my paintings are bought as gifts. There is simply no joy like seeing a bride see her sign at the end of the aisle or a mom who receives a painting who is battling cancer.  It would be an understatement to say that I have found my calling in art and our wedding made that even more clear. Jesus has truly blessed us and I am hoping that this small business of ours will grow and we will be able to share these personal signs for years to come.

– Sarah (instagram: @waterandwillow)

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