Great Photographers + Great Planners = More Great Photos {from Kelli + Daniel Taylor Photography}

Kelli + Daniel Taylor Photography is positively thrilled to guest blog for our fabulous friends at Invision Events. We’ve had the pleasure of photographing a number of events with this talented group of ladies over the last several years. Clients always say one of the best investments they made in their wedding (besides Kelli + Daniel Taylor Photography!) is their planner. We’ve seen it firsthand: The ladies of Invision Events are true wedding fairy godmothers.

Avon Theater Wedding-0014-2

As visual artists, we create the story a couple will share for a lifetime. One reason we’re always so excited to send our clients to great planners like Invision Events is because they can take a bride’s idea and bring it to life at a level that only a seasoned pro can achieve. Nothing is forgotten, they consistently review how each creative choice will affect the big picture. Nothing falls to the wayside with an Invision Events planner on board.

For us, that expertise results in layers of luscious detail and a beautiful, pulled-together design and that we rarely see in weddings without planners. At the end of the day, a bride will have a lot more fabulous photos with a great planner. Period. They have access to vendors and products that aren’t available to the general public, sometimes at a special preferred rate. With their network of local, regional and national artists, they can match the perfect wedding professionals to each bride’s individual style and personality.

That laser-focused energy and creativity, coupled with highly specialized organization and time management that pro planners offer, ensure that a photographer can capture all the magic of the wedding. And a couple and their family can actually relax and enjoy the day. When creatives work together collaboratively, the whole of the day is always greater than the sum of the individual parts. And the bride and groom always win.

Claire + Jacob's Wedding-204-2 Claire + Jacob's Wedding-215-2 Claire + Jacob's Wedding-276-2 Claire + Jacob's Wedding-446-2 Claire + Jacob's Wedding-449-2 Claire + Jacob's Wedding-456-2 Claire + Jacob's Wedding-471-2 Claire + Jacob's Wedding-634-2 Claire + Jacob's Wedding-691-2 Samford University Wedding-169-2 Samford University Wedding-284-2 Samford University Wedding-306-2 Samford University Wedding-323-2 Samford University Wedding-410-2 Vestavia Country Club Reception-459-2 Vestavia Country Club Reception-468-2 Vestavia Country Club Reception-472-2 Vestavia Country Club Reception-556-2

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