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Since beginning her time at Invision Events as an Event Day (ED) Intern, Ashleigh Griffin (now IE’s intensive intern) is a tiny, outgoing, absolutely amazing blessing to Julie and the rest of our Invision staff and interns. What many of you may not know is we do in fact have ED interns, a public relations intern and an intensive intern who we throw into all that wedding planning throws back at us.

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Event Day Interns:

Event Day interns are the bread and butter of what makes an event run smoothly, Ashleigh said. “I would consider Julie the captain, me her first mate, and the event interns the crew.”

ED interns begin by helping set up and guide the event location staff on the setup of the reception. Linens need to be steamed, and place cards need to be arranged. From there, each wedding party member is decked out in florals (boutonnieres on men, corsages for grandmothers, etc.) and then assembled for the procession. ED interns serve as stage directors, orchestrating the movements of the bride, groom and guests. Imagine the bride and groom walking into an empty ballroom because all of their guests are still at cocktail hour, or an empty dance floor because guests are stuck in congested buffet lines. Yes, our ED interns are part of everything from the flower to the food arrangements, and every hiccup that may occur in between. 

Intensive Interns:

“Intensive interns spend their days by Julie’s side,” Ashleigh said. “I am in charge of scheduling Julie’s calendar, which is like the most intense Jenga game I have ever played…As far as event planning goes, this is the best teaching tool I have ever experienced.”

While intensive interns must intern and work more than a couple of events to be given the honor, the experience is well worth the wait. As an intensive intern, you can expect direct contact with clients and vendors since sitting in on meetings and helping plan every event is a must. If you have a passion for wedding/event planning, IE’s intensive internship is your ticket to gaining the most experience.

Public Relations Interns:

“The PR intern is an integral part of expressing the Invision branding to potential clients,” Ashleigh said.

A lot of IE blog and social media content is thanks to the PR intern. Because potential clients are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram now more than ever, an effective social media presence is crucial for IE’s appeal. That’s where our PR intern comes in and takes over. If you love social media (and getting creative with it) our PR internship is definitely for you.


If you want a quick summary of each of our internship positions, Ashleigh can sum them up for you in three words:

Event Day Internship: “I’ll get that!”

Intensive Internship: Intense, Immersive, Learning

PR Internship: Branding, Consistent, Exciting

If you would like information about applying for any of Invision’s internship positions, you can find out more here: http://invevents.com/internships.html

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