Trends We Love This Spring

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First off, I just want to say I can’t believe it’s already wedding season. Were we not just making (hopeful, optimistic) mental lists of New Year’s resolutions? Anyway, now that January, February and March are long gone, (and this weird Alabama weather is at least getting warmer) it’s time to talk about some of the trends you should expect to see at weddings this spring.

Drumroll, please….

  1. COLORS, colors and more colors

Neutrals used to be the “thing” in 2015, but now everyone is branching out and letting colors speak to the style and vibe of the bride and groom. From bouquets to bridesmaid dresses, you can expect pops of color that will spice up the already-formal affair. The days of a white dress holding a blush-colored bouquet surrounded by neutral-toned dresses are in the past.

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2. Patterned linens

More and more couples are saying “sayonara” to solids. Patterned linens can complement your table settings, florals and basically any other decor. A touch of pattern takes your tables and drapery to the next level, so go for patterns with no more than 3 colors. (The blue and pink combo below is one of our favorites).

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3. Travel map Save-The-Date cards

Not only are these travel maps intricate and adorable, they’re also a perfect wedding keepsake for you and your guests. You can make the maps as specific as you please, and the text, colors and layout are all up to you. You can find these gems on a custom craft site such as Etsy or Calligraphy Atlanta’s Faith Miller.

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Last, but not least…

4. Family-style eating

Spending at least 15 minutes in a buffet line/waiting on servers is no longer the way to full and happy guests at your reception. Family-style eating keeps the ambiance and conversation going, all while ensuring guests don’t become “hangry.” Think about this. Guests will spend less time waiting on food and more time mingling, dancing and (obviously) celebrating you as a newlywed couple!

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Photo Credit: Braedon Flynn Photography

We encourage you to take a shot at one or all of these trends. If you need some help, feel free to contact us via email or phone.

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