New Husband? Find the Perfect Holiday Gift with These Tips

Nothing could be sweeter than savoring a new life with a new spouse. The first year of marriage is full of firsts, which are also opportunities to capture, soak in and fully appreciate your first milestones as a wedded couple. Whether you were married just in time to enjoy a warm Fourth of July at the lake or your wedding took place on a crisp fall day just before Thanksgiving, perhaps the most special holiday to experience with a new husband is Christmas. Finding the perfect holiday gift can put the bow on top of your year of firsts.

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Gift-giving, the hallmark of the holiday season, can often become overwhelming for brides with the new responsibility of providing gifts for not one but two families. Still, while you and your new husband have already found the ultimate gift in each other, a newlywed Christmas is one of the most paramount experiences of your first year together, and an opportunity to mark the occasion with the perfect holiday gift. Stumped on what to get? Check out our suggestions below to get your brain ticking.

  1. Play to his passions.
    Not sure if your husband will be a fan of the newest tech gadget? Don’t reinvent the wheel; keep it simple, and consider the hobbies you know he already loves! Does he enjoy golf? Working on cars? Hunting? Reading or music? Think about what he can be found doing on a Saturday morning (no, we don’t mean sleep), and go from there. Using his passions as a guideline, you can’t go wrong.
  2. Fulfill a need.
    When was the last time your husband said he needed something? Wrack your brain for recent comments about gadgets he’d find useful, or pay attention to any missing necessities in his daily routine, such as his wardrobe, lawn tool repertoire, cooking utensils and more. While a hedger or a new supply of socks may not be the most exhilarating gift to give or receive, your guy will appreciate the convenience of having what he needs, when he needs it – all thanks to you.
  3. Make a memory.
    A special experience can often hold more value than a material gift, especially when photos are included. Is your husband the adventurous type, or would he prefer a cozy night at home? Skip the mall this year, and plan an experience the two of you won’t soon forget. Book a weekend getaway to Charleston or the Gulf of Mexico, purchase destination concert tickets for one of his favorite bands or plan an elaborate date night complete with dinner reservations and movie or theatre tickets. Not only will he appreciate a change of scenery, but so will you.

Cheers to your first Christmas together, the best holiday gift! – Courtney

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