Three Principles for Creating Christmas Traditions as a Couple


One of the most exciting parts of newlywed life is establishing a new family with new ways of doing things. Before you start stressing over letting go of the family customs you’ve long held dear, realize that some of the most beautiful traditions are born when two people – each with their own special experiences – come together. Here are three principles for honoring the holiday traditions you both cherish while moving forward as a new family.

  • Carry on key family traditions. The first married Christmas is as sweet a memory as one can remember, but it doesn’t come without the confusion of figuring out how to balance a new life with the old. Instead of throwing all family traditions out the window, pick a couple of your own favorite Christmas experiences, and mix them into your holiday schedule. Whether that’s baking your husband’s grandmother’s famous frosted sugar cookies, opening one gift on Christmas Eve or throwing on matching pajamas for Christmas morning photos, honoring the customs you most cherish will make Christmas as a new couple a little less daunting.
  • Start from scratch. Carrying on your respective family traditions is significant part of the holidays, but creating your own experiences is equally as important – and fun! There are a million ways to make special Christmas memories with a new husband, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box. From a weekend trip to New York to see the Rockettes to volunteering at a soup kitchen or spending Christmas afternoon at the movies, pick a couple of your favorite holiday activities, and call them your own.
  • Make Christmas work for you. In the challenge of learning how to manage the expectations of family during the holidays, remember that Christmas is yours to share with friends, loved ones and your new husband. Building on the customs of the past while adopting new experiences of your own is one of the most rewarding aspects of newlywed life. Most importantly, keep in mind that only the two of you get to decide what the perfect Christmas will look like for your new family.

Your turn! Tell us your favorite Christmas traditions in the comments below.

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