Newlywed Nest: Our Best Tips for Hosting Overnight Guests in Your Home

Accommodation and service might be a part of our job descriptions, but when it comes to hosting guests in our own homes, we can’t resist giving the 5-star treatment! Besides, few things are as exciting as finally showing off that fabulous living room you just furnished, or a kitchen freshly stocked with shiny appliances. But as fabulous as your home may look, it’s even more important to make overnight guests feel taken care of – from coffee in the morning until their heads hit the pillow at night. This week, we give you our best tips for rocking the role of hostess in your newlywed home.

peonies by bed

Provide sustenance.
If you do nothing else, refresh your guests! Whether appetizers and cocktails on arrival, a warm dinner or cinnamon rolls and hot coffee the next morning, do some meal planning and hit the supermarket before your guests arrive to ensure you’re prepared to feed your people. Not a natural-born chef? Pick up grab-and-go options you can throw in the oven with zero hassle. (Birmingham folks, try Ashley Mac’s or Millie Ray’s Famous Rolls at grocery stores.)

bar cart

Prepare a gathering area.
Make sure your home has adequate seating for all guests in case of an impromptu cocktail hour, movie night or a chat over a morning cup of coffee. Provide a blanket or two in case someone gets chilly.

living area

Create an oasis.
Spruce up your guestroom beforehand to make it a space of tranquility. As a guide, think about the luxuries you’ve previously enjoyed in hotels. Ensure the bed is comfortable and well-dressed, and consider placing mini bottled waters on bedside tables in case your guests become thirsty in the middle of the night. Setting out a few light snacks, a simple vase of fresh flowers and current magazines never hurts, either. Finally, write down your Wi-Fi password on a sheet of pretty paper for instant internet access.


Ready the bathroom.
Provide extra toiletries for guests in case they forget to bring their own, including lotion, extra toothbrushes, razors, shampoo and conditioner, floss and soap. Display washcloths and towels so guests won’t have to wander the house looking for them.


Be a tour guide.
Guests are only in town for a short time, so you might as well show them a great time! Do your research on upcoming events suited to your guests’ tastes, such as seasonal festivals, markets or even a local trivia night, and suggest an outing or two. Just remember, it’s not where you are but who you’re with that matters the most.


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