Straight from the Oven: Birmingham Bakers Share Favorite Wedding Cake Traditions

We’ve rarely met a wedding cake we didn’t like. With so many fabulous Southern bakeries and cakeries in town, it’s hard to go wrong in this area! The wedding cake can be one of the sweetest (no pun intended) and most fun aspects of any wedding day, and we’d be lying if we said we weren’t completely smitten with all the fun traditions associated with wedding cakes.

Whether you’re a bride deciding on a cake for your upcoming wedding or just a lifelong cake lover, we’re breaking down a few of the more well-known traditions favorited by some the most talented cake makers we know.


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Cutting of the cake
The cutting of the cake is one of the biggest moments of any wedding reception; we dare say it even parallels the first dance, so make sure it’s memorable. Local Birmingham baker Kimberly Wiggins of Cakes by Kim says, “I think my favorite wedding cake tradition is the cutting of the cake! I love seeing photos of the newlyweds standing there next to a beautiful cake, cutting a slice and sharing a taste of it!”


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Feeding the cake to each other
Once it has been cut, the newly wedded couple usually feed each other the first slice, symbolizing their commitment to provide for one another. “My favorite wedding cake tradition is the husband and wife feeding each other the cake,” says Diane Olexa of Olexa’s Café, Cakes and Catering in Birmingham. “It is a spiritual and ceremonial display of the marriage contract!


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Saving the top tier for a first anniversary
It’s common for couples to save the top tier of cake to enjoy on their first wedding anniversary. Barb Sullivan of Barb’s Cakes in Birmingham says this tradition is her favorite. “Saving the top tier is a fun ‘good luck’ tradition. I advise brides to seal their top tier well with plastic wrap and foil. The key to a moist cake for your first anniversary is to keep it sealed as it thaws. Don’t unwrap until it’s completely thawed; if you are patient, your cake will be very moist and still have lots of flavor.”


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Displaying the groom’s cake
More than a decade ago, wedding guests would leave with a slice of cake; single female guests took it a step further by placing their cake under their pillows to dream of their future husbands. Nowadays, the groom’s cake is traditionally a gift from the bride to the groom that reflects his personality or interests. Atlanta-based Kathryn Steed of Lush Cakery says the groom’s cake is her favorite part. “Let’s be honest, it’s all about the bride, but I love when a groom has a cake to highlight something special to him. They are always fun and creative cakes to make!”


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Your turn!
We want to know: what’s your favorite wedding cake tradition? Tell us in the comments below.

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