Newlywed Nest – Tips for Styling Your Master Bedroom

One of the most enjoyable yet challenging aspects of marriage is sharing personal space with your new husband. Finally, you’re able to go to sleep together, wake up together and share meals together, along with pretty much every other day-to-day activity. Another exciting aspect of joining your lives together is the fun that awaits in creating a beautiful space in which the two of you will live – your master bedroom being one of the most important. So, while we’ll leave the color palette, fabrics and style up to you, we’ve provided some guidelines to help you create the perfect space for you and your new hubby.


Gather inspiration.
Before jumping into any décor project, it’s important to do some research first. (This is the fun kind – we promise.) Start an inspiration or vision board by cutting out photos from magazines or by creating a virtual board on Pinterest. Over time, you’ll be able to better define your style.


Aim for serenity.
Your bedroom should be a safe place and, most importantly, a tranquil haven for both you and your spouse. For a spa-like feel, consider using a neutral or soft paint color on the walls. If you prefer a little more energy, opt for bright pops of color in your accent décor pieces, such as a vase or fun fabric.


Incorporate texture.
It’s no secret that texture creates interest when it comes to décor. Consider mixing different types of fabric into your bedding or other furniture, such as linen or velvet, and then incorporate other textures into the room, such as a live plant in the corner, a woven tobacco basket as wall décor or a ceramic side table.


Account for details.
Details are everything, and they can make (or break) a master bedroom. First, don’t forget to personalize your room with wedding and family photos to make it uniquely you. Then fill in with other meaningful items like your favorite coffee table books, treasured family heirlooms (for example, a trunk at the foot of the bed or your grandmother’s fabulous Oushak rug) and throw pillows with sweet details.


Enjoy the process.
Most importantly, enjoy decorating your bedroom! Keep in mind you have forever to find the perfect furniture, bedding and décor consistent with your vision. And even when you do achieve it, you might change your mind! Decorating any room is a process, so you might as well have fun with it.


Let’s hear it!
What’s your style, and how have you decorated your master bedroom? Tell us in the comments!

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