Bridal Etiquette Series: Three Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Bridesmaids

One of your first to-do’s as a new bride is choosing the ladies who will stand by your side throughout your engagement, on your wedding day and long after it’s over. For some, narrowing down to your very best, bridesmaid-worthy friends can be a daunting task. But no need to worry – we’re here to deliver three questions to ask yourself, which may help make the decision a little easier. (Sigh of relief!) Before selecting the members of your bride tribe, run through these…

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Who has stuck by me through all of the highs and lows of my life?
The friend who has remained loyal – no matter what you’ve been through – is worthy of a bridesmaid invitation. Her loyalty points to true friendship, and that’s the type of gal you want standing by your side on your wedding day. Ignore any pressure from anyone – even yourself – to invite someone to be a bridesmaid if your gut is telling you not to. Be selective in who you choose…this is a big deal!

Would I be disappointed if this friend didn’t invite me to be in her wedding?
This question is a great barometer for inviting someone to be a part of your bridal party. Think about whether you’d be devastated if she didn’t invite you to be in her wedding someday. Conversely, don’t feel pressure to invite someone to be in your wedding simply because you were in her wedding. Sometimes, friendships change, and that’s okay! Only include your closest friends – not those who have phased out of your life.

Who can I rely on – in any situation?
Think about the gals in your life who you know you can depend on – 100%. Don’t extend a bridesmaid invitation to a friend who you know won’t show up for your engagement celebration or the girl who finds excuses for skipping out on just about every social event. If she’s an unreliable person, she may bail on your wedding, too!

Your turn!
Brides, how did you choose your ‘maids? We want to hear it, so tell us in the comments!


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