She Said Yes: Anna Henderson Crook

May Invision Events bride Anna Henderson Crook put on an amazingly classic and elegant wedding, and the story behind her and her new husband is just as precious! Their meet-cute is one of the most adorable we’ve heard, and we think you’ll like it, too. Read on to discover from Anna herself how this dynamic duo came to be.

How did you two meet?
In November 2015, my roommate was offered a babysitting job on a Saturday night for our friend Allie’s baby, but was unable to do it. She offered the job to me and I said “Sure, why not?!” Even though I thought to myself that I should probably be doing something out on the town to “be seen and meet people.” Anyways, I pulled up in the driveway and noticed an unfamiliar car but didn’t think much about it. Much to my surprise, I walked in the front door to see Robert sitting on the sofa directly across from me. I think we were both a little stunned. I was not expecting to see a guy there – much less a really cute one! We shook hands, and I hurriedly ran into the kitchen to see the baby and get myself together. For the next 20 or so minutes before leaving to go to the party, Robert would walk in and out of the kitchen to try to talk some – both of us visibly nervous and not really sure how to act, but so excited deep down! After they left, I immediately called my mom and best friend and told them I had just met the cutest guy, but I was sure he had to have a girlfriend. He asked Allie for my number, and a few days later he called to ask me on a date!

Tell us about your proposal.
Robert came to pick me up like usual, and the plan was to take one of his clients out to dinner. Robert is a commercial real estate agent (he even helped Heidi Elnora find the spot for her fabulous Atelier downtown!) so I didn’t think much of this outing. We started driving downtown, and he commented on how nice the sunset was – kind of unusual, but no sign. He mentioned it again when we got to the top of the hill on Niazuma Drive, and said he wanted us to go see it. (This had never happened before!) After almost having a wreck while turning, we made it up to the top of the mountain overlooking the city. It was a beautiful night! We got out of the car and walked over to a quiet spot, just the two of us, and Robert read me a letter that he had written me. He then got down on one knee with the beautiful ring that we designed using one of his grandmother’s diamonds. Of course, I was ecstatic! He prayed for us and for our future together, and we soaked in God’s goodness toward us. He told me we were going to celebrate with dinner at Chez Fon Fon, which is where we had our first date. We walked out to the courtyard and our parents were there waiting for us – a great surprise! We called our family and friends and had a wonderful dinner and time together. About halfway through dinner the waiter came by and gave me a blank envelope. Perplexed, I opened it, having no idea what was inside. It was a trip itinerary for a trip to Playa del Carmen- for the next day! Robert had called my boss, booked a trip and gotten my roommates to start packing for me. It was an incredible experience and a wonderful way to kick off our engagement!

*Thanks to Kelli + Daniel Taylor Photography for the gorgeous imagery in this post!

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