10 Things to Put in Wedding Welcome Bags

A good hostess always thinks of her houseguests’ needs before they come in town, and a wedding guest is no different! This week, we’re spotlighting ten must-have items to put in your Birmingham wedding welcome bags. Pick one or two or all of them, but either way, you can rest easy knowing your friends and family will be taken care of.

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A thoughtful welcome note. This is a must! Include a personal message from you and your soon-to-be husband to warmly welcome out-of-town guests and express gratitude for their attendance.  

A wedding weekend itinerary. Ensure that your guests know exactly when and where they need to be for all of the weekend’s festivities. 

A map of the local area + attractions. Out-of-town guests are bound to have pockets of free time throughout the weekend. Provide a map of the area and make sure to include a list of attractions like great brunch spots, trendy bars or fun things to do. Take it a step further and have an artist hand-draw the map with colorful graphics.

Something sweet, something salty. Appease all guests’ tastes by including at least one salty and one sweet snack. Something like chocolate and pretzels (or even better, chocolate-covered pretzels) will do the trick.

Hydration + libation. Most importantly, make sure your out-of-town guests stay hydrated in their hotel rooms by including at least two bottled waters. Up the celebration factor by throwing in a couple of mini champagne bottles or local microbrews, as well. Cute straws are also imperative.

Sunglasses. In case out-of-town guests forgot to bring their sunnies along, toss a pair of inexpensive sunglasses into your welcome bags. Not only are they practical, but they also make a fabulous accessory to pull out later in the evening on the dance floor.

Luxe toiletries. Go beyond the basics by including a mini spa kit in your welcome bags. Items like local bath salts, lotion, essential oils or travel-sized, salon-grade shampoo and conditioner bottles will provide guests a bit of pampering during a fast-paced weekend.

Post-wedding self-care kit. Advil, Band-Aids, Gatorade, etc. you get the idea. After partying the night away, some guests are bound to suffer the dreaded post-reception hangover. Help them out by getting a step ahead, and send them home in good spirits.

A “Do Not Disturb” door hanger. This can be a lifesaver the morning after a night of partying. Include a door hanger to allow your guests to get plenty of rest the morning after your big celebration. 

Something special for the kids. Children tagging along? Include a coloring book and colored pencils or Crayons to keep your youngest guests occupied – especially during your ceremony. Frozen to the rescue!

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