Local Praise: Kathleen Varner of Edna K Design

We couldn’t be more thrilled to host Kathleen Varner of Edna K Design on the blog today! The ever-talented Kathleen has a one-of-a-kind knack for creating organic, romantic florals that will take your breath away, and we think you’ll swoon over the gallery of her work below. In the meantime, read up on how Edna K came to be, the services she offers brides and what sets her apart from the rest.

What’s the story behind Edna K Design?
The name comes from my first name, Edna, which also happens to be my grandmother’s name (she turned 101 this year!) I started as a prop stylist working for various magazines and quickly realized I always looked forward to shoots that involved flowers. A friend of a friend asked me to do her small wedding a few years ago, and I was instantly hooked! I still love prop styling, but there is something extra special about setting the scene for someone’s big day – and also a little more pressure!

What types of services and/or products do you offer clients?
I help them pull their floral vision together from what may just be a few pins on Pinterest. I also offer styling and graphic design services.

How would you describe the style of your work?
Naturally composed, feminine with a little edge.

In your opinion, how can a bride best make an impact with her florals?
Pick your florals like you would a great wardrobe. Instead of having twenty cheaper pieces, save for a few fabulous things you will wear over and over again! Choose to allocate your budget on a few big installations, or “wow” pieces. Whether you have your heart set on a grand arbor, or large reception entrance piece, it’s worth moving your budget into a few big pieces versus trying to cover every inch of the venues.

What type of experience can your clients expect to receive when working with you?
I’m obviously a big visual person and love to create extensive inspiration and mood boards for my clients. After meeting and getting an idea for what they want, I spend a lot of time putting together a fully detailed “art direction” for their florals. It’s fun to take a few photos a bride might have for inspiration and turn it into a full plan!

What piece of advice would you give a bride who is still deciding on the look-and-feel of her wedding flowers?
I like to take a lot of cues from other parts of the wedding to pull the florals together. Whether it is your dress, invitation or venue, a lot of things can dictate the style of the flowers. If you are unsure of your floral direction, pick another piece of the wedding you know you love. For example, if it’s the invitation with romantic type in muted colors and calligraphy, it makes sense for the florals to reflect that. It also never hurts to look through as much inspiration as possible. I often notice “trends” from there and can then guide you into a direction.

What’s your favorite floral design to create? (i.e. wedding cake, bride’s bouquet, etc.)
I love a great mantle!

Just for fun, give us the lowdown on your morning routine.
I swore I would never be one of those people, but I confess I let my dogs in bed first thing in the morning. Scout (our German Shepherd) and Pippa (our Husky) are our “girls.” They like to take my husband’s spot as soon as he leaves for work and get in some cuddle time! I’ve also been motivated to learn French and am on a current 45-day streak with my app, which I practice with each morning. Then it’s the gym (if it’s not a wedding week) and sitting down to a full breakfast with a magazine (I’m a big believer in a good breakfast every morning!)

Thanks, Kathleen, for sharing such fabulous advice with us! Check out her stunning, feminine florals and stay tuned to the blog for more vendor spotlights like this one.

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