{Newlywed Nest} Navigating the First Christmas Together

You and your hubby just tied the knot earlier this year, and you couldn’t be more excited to float through your first holiday season as newlyweds! Cocktail parties, your first Christmas card together and, of course, spending Christmas Eve and Day with your newfound families are certainly joyful milestones to accomplish as a couple, but sometimes, things can go south (and quickly!), especially if you haven’t discussed expectations. This week, we’re dishing out three topics to discuss with your new hubby before the holiday season gets going. Most importantly, remember to soak up this special time with your new spouse; you only have a “first Christmas” once!

Holiday family routines
Thoroughly define how you’ll spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day together. This is especially relevant if either of you have family members who live out of town, which may require extensive travel. Consider alternating visits to each one of your families on Thanksgiving and Christmas every year, so that you’re able to spend quality time with everybody. The more defined your schedule is, the less conflict is likely to arise.

In-law relationships
Discuss any need-to-know conflicts with family members before heading into a family holiday party or long weekend away. For example, it’s helpful to know beforehand that your husband’s Cousin Bob and Uncle Jay are completely estranged, or that his Aunt Rita is going through her fourth divorce in five years. Knowing who – or what – topics to steer clear of during holiday family gatherings is immensely helpful to your spouse.

Balancing a full schedule
Let’s face it – the holidays, while the best time of the year, can be downright exhausting! In addition to a new marriage, you’ve got a lot going on. Be kind to yourselves, and know that it’s okay to say no to an invitation every once in a while. Attending four Christmas parties in one weekend just isn’t realistic, so pick one or two, and enjoy the rest of your time with each other.

What kind of conversations have helped you and your spouse navigate the holidays together? Let us know in the comments! And if you’re wanting to catch up on more in our {Newlywed Nest} series, we’ve got you covered with that, here. Merry Merry!

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