Tented weddings are an experience unlike any other, as you are creating a highly custom space all your own. They’re a way to ensure everything is modeled after your distinct vision, however, there is more to it than most realize. Our team knows how to navigate the unique challenges that come with this particular route, and today we’re outlining everything you need to consider when building your wedding from scratch.

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One of the most important steps when preparing for your tented wedding is securing flooring. Without it, there is a chance all of your guests will be strolling through mucky grass or mud, which of course, isn’t ideal. However, this could be the least of your problems if you decide not to use flooring. We have seen it all, including weddings that morphed into sinkholes, flash flooding that had the entire reception under six inches of water, dangerous electrical issues that prevented the band from performing and more. 

With soft ground comes sinking, and without flooring it, it can be impossible to have tables, chairs, a bar or even a  stage, as everything will literally sink into the ground. Another issue is uneven ground. Flooring prevents these issues, creating a flat, even surface from which to construct your event from. 

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Flooring also prevents messy electrical issues from occurring, as having any sort of power can become dangerous without it. If you have your wires snaking through the ground, it has the potential of ending up in water, and we all know water and electricity do not mix well. Floors are always lifted at least six inches off the ground, making it so the electricity can run along the bottom of the floor safely and above any water. 


While draping is more an aesthetic aspect of a tented event, it is still a vital component. Yes, it is gorgeous, but it also hides all of the aluminum, raw material, wiring, and realistic (aka not pretty!) hardware that each tent is made up of. Draping makes your tent presentable for you and your guests, because who wants their wedding to look like a construction scene? 

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Clients having a tented wedding in their backyard may think they can simply use the power from their home, however, your house is wired to residential standards, not commercial. This could lead to your electricity blowing, which can easily result in your caterers being unable to prep food, your band being unable to perform and your lighting blacking out. To prevent these unwanted scenarios we always utilize the proper wattage of generators as well as have electricians construct custom power boards based on the specific needs of the band as well as our lighting and draping partners and catering crews. 

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Predicting what the weather will be like eight months from your wedding is impossible, which is why you must check everything off of your list to prevent the weather from ruining your day. Having a tent will keep the rain from falling on you, but you also have to consider the time of year to determine what you will need to keep everyone cool or warm. Heaters and walls are needed for winter weddings, and fans or even AC and walls, for summer.

Restroom Trailers

Making sure to arrange restroom trailer rentals is another must. Even if you are doing it in your own backyard, the plumbing in your house isn’t powerful enough to handle the amount of guests that turn up to a wedding. And trust us, this is not a problem you want to deal with – on event day – or any day! 

Service Plans 

We want to take care of the band, caterers and other creative partners, as they’re working hard to ensure your big day is a huge success. This means having extra tents, restroom trailers, and setting aside food for them. Since an established venue would easily already have a green room from which the band can change and prep in, along with a commercially equipped kitchen from which the caterer would work from, these elements must be constructed as a behind the scenes necessity for your private residence, tented event to succeed. 

Photo by Anna Shackleford

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