Wedding Destination Venue Spotlight: Dunton Hot Springs

Back when the weather was a lot colder and provided reasons to get out and play, I had a fabulous time exploring the incredible ranch retreat Dunton Hot Springs in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. My generous hosts were the ultra talented duo James and Otto of James x Schulze who wanted to share their love of the property with me.

I, and an awesome group of industry friends, traveled to experience this secluded and private location. Dunton is small and geared towards providing a high touch level of service to their guests. Imagining the experience a small wedding group would have with the Dunton staff is nothing less than perfection. Meals in their main dining room were art and comfort all at the same time. Drinks shared, conversations flowed and connectivity to nature and each other deepened.

We were lucky enough to be there during their peak winter season which affords all the cold weather activities you can imagine: sleigh rides, rock climbing, snow shoeing, cross country skiing (which was my first time doing and I fell in love with it), then capped off with evenings enjoying their natural hot springs pools.

The truly amazing part of Dunton’s experience is that our group was the only one at the property during that time. It would be the same for any wedding party group as well. Think of it as your own private wedding camp with perfectly appointed cabins for every guest complete with an open air chapel to serve as your ceremony backdrop.

For those dreaming of something different, unique and completely personal for their wedding, let’s dream together at Dunton Hot Springs. You and your guests will have an experience to remember for a lifetime.

Until next time, XOXO – Julie

All photos by James and Schulze

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