Our Favorite Engagement Ring Trends

The minute holiday decorations start going up, we know that our favorite season of the year is about to start: engagement season! Even more than Valentine’s Day, the end of the calendar year is the time when most couples decide to take the first step in making their union official. In that spirit, we’ve found our absolute favorite sparklers—and some non-diamond ones, too—that we think will be popular in 2021 and beyond. 

Rose Gold Solitaire

There’s a reason that a solitaire is the most iconic engagement ring of all time—it’s a total classic that will never go out of style. When it’s paired with rose gold, it’s a cool twist that still looks timeless. We especially love this one from Tiffany’s.

Unconventional Stones

Who says you have to wear a diamond? An opal or ruby can be just as alluring. Or, go the pearl route, like Emma Stone did when she got engaged last year. Her unique pick is from Catbird in Brooklyn, New York.

Bold Bands

There’s also no rule that says you can’t wear a band as your engagement ring. This rainbow version is a true delight that goes with everything in your closet—and would look great stacked with another band on the big day. 

Blue Stones

Blame Kate Middleton, but blue stones are here to stay. Sapphires look stunning next to a halo of diamonds, and the vintage-inspired look is always one to watch.

Two Stones

Why wear one diamond when you can have two? This open ring from Jemma Wynne shows off two stunning pieces of bling. In this case, more is definitely more. 

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