Reflections of a Wedding Intern

Hey everyone!

Where does the time go? I can’t believe that the semester has flown by this quickly and that I am wrapping up my internship here at Invision Events. I have had such a blast with everything that has come along with an internship in wedding planning, and I am sad that it has come to an end. Instead of doing a Friday DIY project today, I decided to take time to reflect on my internship and my experiences with Invision Events this semester.

I truly couldn’t have asked for a better internship experience, and it has been such a delight working with Julie these past few months. When looking for an internship in a small town like Auburn, Alabama, I was skeptical about finding a place where I would learn a lot and truly be excited to go into work each day. Wedding planning is an industry that I had no prior knowledge of, but after this internship I have absolutely fallen in love every aspect of it. I have always loved attending weddings, and it has been such a neat experience being part of all the behind the scenes work that goes into making the happiest day of any couples life so perfect.

Every bride has their own unique taste, but they don’t always have the exact vision of what they want their wedding day to look like. I was able to learn a ton about the event planning industry by watching Julie adapt to different clients and make their wedding day dreams a reality. I never considered how much work goes into the planning process of a wedding. I knew it was a lot, but never considered every last detail until taking on this internship. Any notion of planning my own wedding someday has completely vanished after realizing how many hours of preparation it takes.

I feel like an internship at Invision Events is any girls dream internship. I never would have thought I would get to pin wedding day ideas on Pinterest for a job. Can that even be considered work? Well, in wedding planning it can, which is why I have absolutely loved my time here. People always say do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life, and while wedding planning is busy and very hectic at times, it is very rewarding and enjoyable, and such a joy to see brides so happy on their wedding day.

I love hands on projects, and have always had a great sense of creativity, so I’m overjoyed Julie gave me the opportunity to take on a weekly do-it-yourself blog post. I hope y’all have enjoyed reading each week, because I have certainly enjoyed coming up with the projects and bringing them to life on the blog. There really are so many affordable and adorable projects you can take on yourself if you’re working on a tight wedding budget, so if you haven’t had a chance to check out all of the Friday DIY blog posts, I would definitely encourage you to!

This has by far been the fastest semester of my life, and I can’t believe that I will be graduating from Auburn University in a week, but my internship at Invision Events has certainly prepared me for the next chapter of my life. I have fallen in love with Invision Events and couldn’t have worked with a better team, so I am so sad to leave, but at the same time I am excited to graduate and venture back to Atlanta to see what the real world has in store.

Thanks for reading, and I wish you all the very best!


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