Wedding greenery – It’s a beautiful thing

In very recent memory, greenery and weddings weren’t as friendly as they are now. I personally can remember when the only thing that came to mind when greenery was mentioned in the floral scheme were words like “filler” and “budget” and “holiday.” A romantic view of greenery was not an option. While green existed, it was only sparingly.

It’s amazing what happens when wedding design evolves with the wealth of information and sharing there is these days. What used to be looked at as something common is now able to be used just as artfully as the fabulous blooms that accent it. It’s time to truly celebrate the use of greenery! The wealth of texture and color is a treat. Garlands, hair decor, napkin rings, cake decor, bouquet foundation, etc. It is completely soft and romantic. It’s become a staple of the southern wedding and rightfully so!

When you choose to embrace this classic yet trendy style, remember a few things (which would be great for any part of your wedding): proportion, color and texture. Pairing your greenery with the right pops of color such as accent blooms and exquisite ribbon will balance the whole look and get away from any “one note” type of tendencies. Don’t overpower with the color. Keep it soft and sweet. Let the greenery speak for itself. There’s no need to try too hard with it! Some of my favorites at the moment: seeded eucalyptus, olive leaves and boxwood. Clearly, there are a multitude of options, but I find myself gravitating that direction so often this season.

With that, I thought I would share an inspiration board centered on the wonderful things that greenery can do. It’s a fresh and certainly right for this amazing spring season we are having!

Until next time… XOXO, Julie

photo credits: Eddie Judd Photography, The Nichols, Jose Villa, Katherine Miles Jones, Our Labor of Love, Alie Harper, Ben Q Photography, Erin Hearts Court

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