Fall inspiration: velvet details

While it’s actually turning warmer in this part of the world, it’s time for us wedding world people to turn our attention to the fall. I always love finding ways to bring warmth and richness into a fall/winter wedding without resorting to the cliched and common aspects that pop up year after year. This fall season, it’s time to bring velvet back to it’s rightful glorious place in weddings.

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photo: Jennifer Wilson

As my regular readers have come to know about me, I will preach to you that it’s not the big pieces that deserve our velvet attentions. It’s the small and delicate details that beg for that soft richness. Think ribbon on your programs, the trim of your bouquet, boutonniere wraps, a tie on your welcome boxes. Anything that adds that surprise texture and warmth.

Take a browse through our velvet inspiration board. And, since I couldn’t include everything I loved here, see our Pinterest board dedicated to this perfect piece here.

Until next time… XOXO, Julie

inspiration board

Photo credits: Millie Batista, Ali Harper, Peaches and MintJen Huang, Landon Jacob, Etsy, Elizabeth Messina, Pinterest

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