There are two vital parts that go into getting married. First, the boy has to ask. Second, the wedding and then…boom! Marriage. Quite often I get sucked into all the fun little aspects of the actual wedding. Yes, that is a huge part but what about the engagement?! The engagement is the giddy, no stress phase. So although the wedding pictures are priceless, the engagement pictures should never be forgotten!

I’ve seen engagement pictures outside, inside, in the woods, on the beach, etc. The sky is the limit when it comes to these pictures. So, although there are tons and tons of different ways to capture the excitement of the engagement, I have chosen my top 4 engagement photo shoots that Invision Events has been a part of! May the countdown to number 1 begin…

4. Sissi & Jake

This adorable couple chose Chewacla State Park and the Fountainview Mansion in Auburn, Alabama for their scenery. I love the idea to lay down a quilt, sit with your fiancé and get photos from behind. It’s so simple but with the beautiful sky in the background it still makes gorgeous engagement photos.



{Photography: Admoni Photography }

3. Lauren & Max

This engagement shoot was personal because it was shot at the couple’s residence in Birmingham. Not only was it in their home, but their tiny dog made the cut too! One of my favorite things about this shoot are the black and white photos. Black and white pictures are timeless and never fail to make me swoon. I also love how they moved to several different locations. Take a peek…




{Photography: Rachel and Noah Ray}

2. Savannah & Josh

Playful. If I could pick one word to describe this couple based on these pictures, it’s playful. It’s not hard to see why when you look at these gorgeous engagement photos. From pillow fights, to pools, this engagement shoot has it all. It’s easy to see why this playful couple is coming in at number two.




{Photography: VUE photography}

1. (Drum roll….) Ann Holland & Ethan

Coming in at my number one favorite engagement shoot is the most beautiful outdoorsy couple I’ve ever seen. Maybe it’s just my personality, maybe it’s the jaw-dropping scenery, all I know is that these photos have captured my heart. Not only can you tell how in love they are, but I feel like I know them personally after viewing these engagement photos.

11058746_10153240783602348_2811961634334682305_n 11011207_10153240783732348_4986644015443584341_n



{Photography: Q Avenue Photo}

The engagement pictures are a wonderful way to capture the bliss of the early stages of wedding planning! These pictures remind me that although marriage is the ultimate goal, the time of being engaged is also something to be cherished.



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