They’re so tiny, yet so wonderful. Ahh, candles. I’m not sure if I can say it enough, but when it comes to weddings I am all about cutting costs. One way I’ve seen brides cut costs in a very discrete way is by using candles to decorate their reception and even their ceremony. Lining the aisle with candles instead of bouquets of flowers can save hundreds of dollars. It may be a small fire hazard…but the look of candles may just be worth the risk. Often brides use candles as centerpieces instead of huge flower bouquets. During evening weddings, I have seen candles placed up on stage during the ceremony with the lights dimmed and it creates an ambiance that is stunning. Personally, if I’m ever in Anthroplogie, I have to stop and smell every single candle. It may be my own personal weakness, but in weddings when brides use candles for decoration I’m immediately captivated.

With the fall in full swing, candles can make the perfect addition to help your wedding feel warm and welcoming. I know that for me, I will be happy to cut the flowers down in order to add extra candles. Take a look at a few of my favorite ideas for how you can implement candles on your special day…


{Picture Credit: MOD Wedding}


{Picture Credit: Want that Wedding}


{Picture Credit: Mon Cheri Bridals}


{Picture Credit: Huffington Post}

See what I mean?! The candles hanging from trees is my all time favorite! It makes me feel like I’m looking at a real life fairy tale. Adding a couple of candles is easy, doesn’t take long and yet it can take a wedding from average to extraordinary.



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