For Him.

Generally during weddings it’s always about the bride, but what about the groom? As a woman it’s so easy to forget about the groomsmen and only look at the bridesmaids. However, we can’t forget that the groomsmen are vital to the wedding party too. It’s just as much his day as her’s. After looking at pictures from 2015 weddings, I could not be more impressed with all the men’s attire! Looking at pictures of wedding parties made me remember how men can clean up quite nicely and honestly can steal the show!

Each season brings out a variety of different looks. Winter weddings are often when grooms bring out the tuxedos. I’ve seen both white and black tuxedos. Some men go with the cummerbunds, other’s choose vests. Usually during spring and summer weddings I tend to see light grey suites with colored ties to coordinate with the bridesmaid’s dresses. The colored ties bring the whole look together, especially in the group photos. One of my personal favorite looks for the groomsmen are suspenders. I’m a sucker for some neutral colored suspenders! It’s a classic and timeless look.

Overall, the groomsmen’s attire have really impressed me. After careful consideration, I’ve chosen some of my favorite looks from Invision Weddings in 2015, no matter what season. Here’s a quick peek for all the men out there looking for some inspiration…


{Photography: Sarah + Allen, CWF Photography}



{Photography: Hollyn + Adam, Tiffany Hughes Photography}


{Photography: Ann Holland + Ethan, Q Avenue Photography}



{Photography: Bethany + Joseph, Heather Durham Photography}


{Photography: Marija + Will, M. Magee Photography}

Casual or dressy, tuxedos or suites, suspenders or ties, whatever these men wear, it’s certain that they all dressed to impress.



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