Bushel & Peck on Helping Your Florist Help You

After working with florals/weddings for three years and starting Bushel & Peck in Atlanta, Georgia, in October of 2014, Savannah Kilpatrick knows how important it is to know her clients. She said, “I tend to become friends with all of my brides and nothing makes me happier than designing the dream wedding for someone I know and care about.”

When picking a florist for your wedding ceremony/reception, the decision is easy. All you need to do is find a company with beautiful arrangements that support a good rating from previous customers. While it all may seem done and done once you choose a florist, you need to make sure they know exactly what you want. You may be thinking, “Well I can just tell them my color scheme or the mood I’m going for and that should give them enough inspiration.” Well, according to Savannah, florists also need your input and creativity to make their flower arrangements uniquely “you.”

Want to learn how to help your florist help YOU? Read on.

–Know your style:

Are you planning a simple wedding with minimal flowers or a grand occasion overflowing with a sea of blooms? Have a set color scheme and pick three to five words that you feel describe your wedding perfectly. This will give your florist a clear vision of your style to translate into your designs.

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–Be open to substitutions and/or suggestions:
Chances are, you are probably going to be drawn to what florists call “Designer Flowers.” These include peonies, anemones, dahlias, etc. However, these flowers can be quite expensive and often eat up the overall budget when you are already limited. Your florist may notice this and suggest to substitute those “designer flowers” for less expensive options. For example, peonies can be replaced with garden roses for half the cost, and they have a wonderful fragrance.
–Know what flowers you hate and what flowers you love:
Prepare two lists. Next to each flower, jot down what it is about that specific flower that makes you smile or cringe. Is it the smell? The shape? The color? A sentimental memory? This will help your florist understand your style much more and also help determine if there is a similar flower that you may be able to substitute that can give you the same “vibe” for less.
–Come prepared:
Bring any and all photos (from magazines, Pinterest, etc.) that you find appealing. When preparing those photos, take note of exactly why you like those photos. Is it the color scheme, flower choice, texture, overall design, etc.? Also, it always helps to bring any examples of exact items you will be providing as decor for your wedding. This can even include color swatches or photos of the bridesmaids dresses. 
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–Be realistic when budgeting:
Even though you may pass by the flower department of your local grocery store and see the bundle of roses for less than $10, that does not mean that’s how little your flowers will cost. Not only are the flowers for your wedding going to be better quality, (longer lifespan) but the products and process (design, labor, storage, transportation, set-up, breakdown and disposal) are all calculated into your overall price. You are paying for your florist’s time and effort just as much as those pretty little petals.

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